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How would, or did, you tell your spouse about spanking?

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I would like to know which girl you would like to give a hard spanking! I know they both need spankings but I want to know which one you would prefer. The girl in the blue tights or the girl in the purple tights.

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I had a horrible night. I was supposed to be in bed hours ago and I am wide awake. Serious questions. Are you morally compelled to tell your disciplinarian all of your mistakes and bad behavior? Do you keep it to yourself out of fear of being disciplined?

Girl Spanks Girl
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Day after day I sit here and ponder ,as my mind begins to wander , whereas I wonder if I'm wrong for not following my mind .As I get tired of thinking but maybe it's the drinking .That make my mind wander .If I'm wrong or write .Thoughts of this woman get me excited .As I wonder if I will here from her tonight .

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Ode To A Candle

Molten wax trickling
Like drops down a pane
Exposing inner whiteness
Opposed to outer blackness
Desecrating cylindrical
Perfection with quickly
Hardening ridges from
Pieces of its disappearing form
Weeping the loss
Yet standing erect like
Soldiers waiting silently
For battles eyes nervously
Flickering completely
Unwavering until...

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Lost you once
Found you again
A woman outside
Little girl within
Independent and Strong
Scared and Weak
Daddy's little girl
Never cry please

Like jewels that sparkle
Diamonds that shine
Gold, Siver, Platinum
Never to die
Always your Pearl
Forever in your eyes
Daddy's little girl
Always inside

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Well i managed to go about 5 days without getting spanked until today. Here is what happened. Yesterday my roomate was talking to me and i got a major attitude with him. He asked me was i getting an attitude with him and i said no in a rude tone of voice. He said to watch the attitude and i said whatever. Then i got up and slammed his door and stomped down the stairs. I stayed down for a bit and came back upstairs to get my phone. I started to pick it up and he told me to leave it alone because i had an attitude. Well i picked it up anyways and he told me to put it down and i said no i dont have to. I then slammed the door again and stomped back downstairs. He told me is was in trouble today. Well today he asked me why i was getting a spanking and i said i dont know he then asked me was i getting an attitude and i said no. He asked me no what and i said no sir in a rude way. He said he was going to make sure i didnt have an attitude so he gave me 4 swats with the corrector then said are u done with the attitude i said loudly yes and he said i dont think u are so he started spanking me with the hairbrush slow and steady at first then he picked up the pace and got harder. He then said are u done with the attitude again i said yes. He asked me to please put his sheet and blanket in the washer and i said ok rudely again and then put them in the wash. When i went back upstairs he said to come there and i said why and he said becausr u havent stopped with the attitude and i am going to make sure u do. He then spanked me again with the hairbrush very hard and got all of my sit spots. When he was done he said are u done with the attitude and i said yes sir in a calmer voice and he told me to go to the corner for time out. After that i said i was sorry and he told me ir was ok. After tonight i dont think i will be telling him no for a while or slamming any doors. I think i learned a very important lesson tonight. We havent had a session for the drinking and driving i done in ga yet but i know it will be soon.

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If you like me have a cheeky and annoying little brother there is only one thing to do and have him over your knee but if you only have a sister and she is the same do exactly the same to her

Girl Spanks Girl
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well I had court today... it got postponed for two weeks cause my lawyer has phemonia ... dave went with me which I was grateful for but I was so stressed to start with n I'm comin down with a cold n feel horrible n he was a major pain.. he kept sighin n huffin loudly.. n then he kept holdin his arms out to me gesturing that I was gonna get takin away in cuffs... so now I go back Oct 11th oh joy....I know I haven't reached out to even say hello to the few friends ive made here n yes I say few because I keep my circle small... so hello to u all n don't think I don't think of yas all the time cause I do... have a wonderful day n much spanks n spankin fun

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How long before I feel happy again? Grief is the worst emotion. Wish it could be beaten out of us

Girl Spanks Girl
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Why is it when you are trying to be nice it always comes back to bite you. If im a pain please tell me.

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I messed up big time. Gosh I hope he has mercy upon me although I deserve none.

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had dream last night that the actress who play the mom on everybody hate chris gave me an otk spanking? has anybody have dream of being spanked by actress/actor or somebody from tv show fan of spank you even as tv show person or just in real life

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The weather last week the day before the wedding was sunny and warm, but then a cold front blew in overnight as it turned rainy and cold. The wedding was supposed to go off at 5. I got there at 3:10 or so expecting to see people setting up chairs and so forth, but there was nobody there nor had anybody done anything to make it look like a wedding was about to happen. I began to panic thinking at had been moved inside somewhere. I called the bride, but no answer. The florist showed up. She hadn't heard anything.
Eventually the word came down that it was still outside. The rain had stopped, but it was still cloudy and cold with a breeze off the lake. Aside from being exposed to the elements, one thing I can't stand about outdoor weddings is that you can never hear anything. So I brought all my sound equipment and made sure the guests didn't just sit out there in relative silence. I couldn't park within 50 yards of the spot, so I schlepped it all down piece by piece 50 yards at a time. I soon had a mishap setting up a speaker and had to rush home with a bleeding middle finger on my right hand. I always play guitar using classical technique where you pluck the strings with your right hand nails instead of strum with a flat pick. Well, I could manage to get a little bit of that middle finger nail on the strings, but I also did a fair amount of plucking with two very bloody Band Aids for a rather creative sound.
After setting up the p.a. I forgot to tighten down the boom stand that the officiant was to use causing the boom to droop down under the weight of the microphone as if it hadn't taken its Viagra for the day. So the officiant had to hold the script with her left hand and hold up the boom stand with her right. This was my first time working with this particular vocalist, Olivia, a very pretty young thing who's become a local star of community theater. We worked on the two ceremonial songs they asked us to learn, "A Thousand Years" to march in on, and "I Won't Give Up" to march out. I kind of liked "A Thousand Years" until Olivia told me it was written for a wedding scene in one of those stupid "Twilight" movies, and that millions of brides since its 2011 release have marched down the aisle to it. (Gee, how original.) One of the dads requested we do "I Won't Give Up." Afterward he was so gushy that he gave me and Olivia each 20 bucks.
The wedding party and all 35 guests were staying at a swanky lodge a mile away, and they all showed up together in shuttle vehicles a good hour or so late. So nothing really happened until well after 6 as the evening got colder. By the time it was done most everybody was half frozen and dying to go pee somewhere. Some nearby restrooms eventually opened up causing a minor stampede. Olivia was among the first in line. She did sing well as everybody seemed to love her. She offered to help me with all the equipment afterward, but I prefer to just handle all my stuff myself, so I told her it was okay and that she should go home and warm up. This turned out to be not a very bright move.
Within minutes after the ceremony the wedding party and guests all piled back into the shuttle vehicles and motored up the hill for cocktail hour at which I was supposed to be playing. But with about 50 yards to travel with every trip to my car, plus having to stop by my house right across the street to feed the pets, I didn't get to cocktail hour until everybody was already pretty well hammered. I ran in with guitar in one hand and amp in the other, ran up the stairs to the dining room where they were supposed to be but saw nobody from the wedding. So I ran back down the stairs with amp and guitar to ask the receptionist where they hell they were. She checked a schedule and said they were upstairs in the dining room, so I ran back up but still didn't see them. Instead I saw Bob, the evening manager I got to know from having played there every week during the summer. He told me their cocktail hour had been moved into another building way back along the north 40 and quickly led me there.
I set down the guitar and amp and dashed back to the car, which seemed like it was now 50 MILES away, and grabbed up a chair and a guitar cable. By this time the guests were all about half dead from alcohol poisoning. The wedding party itself was out still taking pictures as darkness fell. I grabbed a beer to wash down my evening meds and finally sat down to play. The good thing now is that I don't have to worry about playing either of those stupid songs they requested for the ceremony. I can just play what I know by memory and not have to rely on that printed music that had been blowing all over the music stands during the ceremony. The bride and groom came in minutes later to a rousing ovation, and that same dad with the spare 20 dollar bills wanted to hear his recessional song played again so the bride and groom could do their dance together. Terrific. The music is back in my car seemingly 50 miles away. Good thing Olivia wasn't expected to do the cocktails with me or else she would've had to sing the damned thing again...with the music in front of us. But without her I could just play however many chords I remembered and fake it. The rather obese bride, who was very nice, soon came up to me and handed me four more 20 dollar bills.
After about maybe three more songs everybody began to head over to the dining room in that other main building across the way. So I packed up the gear once again, made two trips to the car, went back up to the dining room because the bride had specifically invited me to stay for dinner. She had even given me a choice of four meals. I would've felt rude to have turned her down when by this time all I really wanted to do was just go home only a mile away down the hill. But I had chosen the fish earlier in the week, so since it was already paid for I should go up there with everybody else and eat it. Problem was there were no seats available by the time I got there. Not to worry. A kindly server took me along with the officiant and the photographer to the lounge where I'd played all summer and let us sit anywhere we wanted. The officiant had recommended me to the bride and groom because we had done an even smaller wedding at an equally swanky place down the road. The weather conditions were almost identically crappy back then too. I was surprised she remembered me. So it was nice to sit down and get to know her a little. (The only people at that first wedding were the bride, the groom, the officiant, the guitar player, the two video guys and the dog. Nobody else. The requested song I had to learn was some dumb thing by Led Zeppelin.) We didn't finish eating until after 10. I didn't get back home until after 11.
All in a day's work of a big time small town guitar player.

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Come check these out!!!

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To all my friends & Viewers here - I have recently been informed by the Staff running this Site - that they have removed all my photos & Videos that show blood has been drawn!

Yjose of you who are om FL, you can view there - but you will have to par to view bideos! I WILL ain to put those I remember on there, so you still have a chabxe of seeing them!

So Sorry - but I DO recognize we have to keep the rulwa¬

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Some of you already know that I contacted Marcus (our administrator) with the idea that it would be nice to have a story section separate from the blogs. I linked to the blog where we talked about it so that he could see that several people are interested. So far I haven't had any response, which may mean he's thinking about it, or else that he's just not interested. We shall see.

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I think this girl might need a spanking. I think this wet swimsuit would be great to wear for a really hard spanking!

Fucked and Bound