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Happy Mother's Day to all the mum:s out there, hope you get spoilt rotten and treated like a princess.

It's Mother's Day today.
And as usual I have to remind G and E about it, and it was me that didn't realise it was today, I thought it was next Sunday.
So I had to pop out yesterday to buy gifts, then messaged G to ask if I should buy my own present.
G replied yes and a card.
I got the message too late, so I didn't buy myself a gift, and I certainly wasn't buying myself a card.
I suggested they go out in the afternoon but they didn't.
So if I've no card, they will both be in trouble.

Last night G said, " You can come to back to bed in the morning, but not to early and give your Master some attention with a nice blowjob."
I replied, " Hang on a minute, it's Mother's Day, so shouldn't I come to bed to be treated to some loving, some attention from you ?"
" Well if you do a good job, then maybe I will treat your bottom to a visit with Mr Spikey, it will be fun to see you squirm as you sit at your parents house or my parents whilst you sit on a very sore bottom." He replied. " Wouldn't it."
"Mmmmmm yes it would." I said, hoping that it really will be a firm spanking and I really will have a v sore, bruised bottom for a few days.

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I asked Master if I could have new lines, as I'd had the other one for a few weeks.
So this is what I got back.
Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, so fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy wuz he.

Sometimes I wonder where he gets these ideas from, but I guess I will do them

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Evan addressed the Council.
"I'd be honored to court Miss Janie King, Honorable Council members, with your approval."
"Have you been granted consent, Mr. Sellers?"
"Yes, Sir. By her Father, Mr. David King, esteemed Council. "
"David King, what say you?"
"I give them my blessing."
"Mr. Sellers, do you have a family member present?"
"Yes, Sir. My Father, Maxwell Sellers."
"Please approach The Council."
"Evan do you know which spot your intended occupies, in our exhibition?"
"Janie is the fourth bottom, Sir."
"Maxwell, do you care to inspect Miss King?"
"I would, kind Sir."
Evans Father approached Janie's bottom. He used both hands to squeeze her cheeks. He looked carefully at her red bottom, pulling apart her cheeks. He put on a glove, and stuck his finger tip into some petroleum jelly.
Mr. Sellers said, "Janie, I'm Evan's Dad. This might feel a little bit uncomfortable, for just a little while. You're going to feel a little pressure, against your anus. It will be over, before you know it. When you feel my finger, I want you to try to push it out. Do you understand?"
"Y-Yes, Sir."
"Alright, Janie.... Here we go." Max wanted to see how tight Janie's bottom was. It was important that she was not used in any way. He found her little rosebud, and pushed against it.
Janie was scared. What was this?! But she knew, she had to do exactly as she was told, if she wanted to be with Evan.
So, when he pushed his finger, she pushed back. Suddenly, she felt him sliding his finger up into her bum!!!
"Oooo ..., Ow, ow, ow!!!!"
"Keep on pushing, Janie, that's a good girl. "
His finger had breached the tight ring of her sphincter muscles. She could feel it wiggle around inside her.
"Look, Evan! That is a very tight little hole! Put your glove on, and some jelly, and get in there. I'm going to stretch her just a bit. "
As Evan donned his glove. His Dad inserted his finger up to his second knuckle. Again, he turned and twisted it inside her. Then, he asked Janie to push again, and he slowly drove his finger farther into her rectum, stopping, when it was buried up to his fist. He slowly rocked it back and forth.
"Try to relax, Janie. Don't tense up. You have a beautiful bottom, and your little bum hole is lovely, dear. That's it, let it in."
He pumped his finger, gently. "Ready, Evan?"
"Yes, Sir."
"As I come out, you go right in, don't stop. Janie I'm going to tell you when, and push hard sweetheart. Evan is going to check your bottom. It's almost over. "
Mac slid his pointer out, and Evan was at the ready. He penetrated her ass, as his Dad, directed her to push. He kept pushing, until he was in.
"oooOOOOO!", Janie whimpered.
"Oh, Dad, you're right. It's very, very tight.
Janie, I love your little bum and I know this hurts you some, but don't worry, darling. I'll stretch it out, little by little."
As his finger was as deep as his hand allowed, he stepped back, and asked the Council to observe. His finger was buried in her bottom. The Council clapped their hands, and David sighed with relief.
Janie had done well!
Evan slid his finger out, and patted her behind, "Good job, Janie. I'm very proud of you!"
Janie was so confused, but she had to admit, by the time Evan pushed into her. She felt herself getting very juicy. She hoped no one would notice.
The Lead speaker, spoke once again. "You are satisfied that she had no previous anal penetration?"
"Yes, We are, Sir."
"Do you wish our physician to verify her virginity?"
Evan spoke quietly with his Dad. "No, Dad, I can assure you, Mr. King was very vigilant."
"You can never be too sure, Evan. It's better to know, with certainty."
David sat nervously, hoping they wouldn't need to proceed. He hated to see her violated, in any way. Even the finger test had bothered him, more than he had anticipated. He should have prepared her, poor baby!
At least they had a new method for the vaginal exams. They used to be very intrusive.
Finally, his Dad spoke. "My son is convinced, but I'd like to be sure. I trust this exam will be done carefully. We certainly don't want to do her any damage."
"The Dr. will only insert a small tube, with a minaturized camera, to verify the presence of the hymen. Please note, that it's possible for a girl, to still be a virgin, without it. The hymen can be ruptured by athletic events or any rough housing. We can only say if it is in tact."
"Then we wish to proceed."
"Dr. Nathan, can you join us?"
Dr. Nathan knew Janie very well. He sat on a rolling stool behind Janie. He wore a silver light on his head. "Janie, this isn't going to hurt. It's going to feel like a little pressure, and it will be over very fast. You trust me, Janie, but to hurt you, don't you honey?"
"Ye-Yes, Dr. Nathan."
"Correct position on number four."
Janie felt the mechanism moving below her. Her bottom went even higher into the air. She started to cry, softly, because she was very frightened. But Dr. Nathan spoke to her softly, as he nudged her knees, wider and wider, apart.
"Turn on the screen please." A big screen lit up, for the whole room to see. Dr Nathan put a little lubricant, on the tube, and found the opening of Janie's vagina. It was far from dry. He smile. She was a lovely girl.
"Ok, Janie, it's a tiny, little tube, I'm putting it in right now. Be still and open up your legs, push back with your bum. I need to see between your legs, Doll. That's it", "Entering the canal, now.", he spoke to the Council.
Her muscular vaginal walls were tightly flexing around the probe. He fed more of it, inside, and then a thin membrane appeared on the screen.
"Her hymen is in tact!" Evan's Dad patted him on the back.
Evan said, "I never had a doubt!" The Council applauded, and Dr. Nathan went back to the sidelines.
Janie was so glad that was over. She was returned to her last position.
"Mr Sellers...Max, what implement would you like?"
"A school strap, I think. I love a good strapping!" An attendant brought him three to choose from. He picked a common two inch wide stiff leather strap with a wooden handle.
Janie's bottom bounced, just slightly. She was so nervous! She replayed the rules, her Dad gave her, in her head. No talking, no hands in the way, no bending her knees up!! I can do this, Janie told herself. I've been strapped at least 20 strokes in a row, before. This isn't a punishment, it'll probably only be a few.
She tried to prepare herself, if such a thing were possible, for the strap.
She heard it Whoooosh, through the air, and snap, as it hit. The tail wrapped around her hip, biting her flesh. The next lick was harder! It caught her left cheek, mostly, but this time, the end caught her between the legs. Janie howled!! The tears came faster, and so did the strap. Her bottom was already sore, from her Daddy's hand!
"Owwwwwww!", murmured Janie, willing her voice to stay quiet. She did cry though! The strap whistled on its way to her bottom. She couldn't really go anywhere. She didn't dare twist or lift her legs. She did cry out, and she even tried holding her breath, but they just kept coming!!! He gave her 25 strokes, in all. She was bawling, but she'd gotten through it.
She felt several hands rubbing her bottom again. She felt some cream being applied, and a couple of small Band-Aids. Ahhhh, she thought! That's better. She hoped it was Evan rubbing her bottom, but she could see nothing. She suddenly realized that the girls on either side were watching her. They could hear the strap and watch her face as it hit. They would be next. Janie was glad she was almost done!
"Evan, what implement do you choose?"
"I'd like a large, clear plastic paddle with holes." The attendant brought several to choose from. Evan choose one with a vinyl grip.
Janie couldn't believe it!! Evan was going to paddle her, after all that strapping?! She started crying even harder. Why was she being punished again?!
Evan was taking a couple of practice swings, just tapping her bottom.
Janie closed her eyes, very tight, and said a prayer that she would be able to be a good girl for Evan and her Daddy. She held on tight to the bar, she knew the paddle was on its way to her bottom, any second now!

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I previously have a mommy and daddy so am not looking for one at the moment they take good care of my needs. Especially my daddy. I love them both dearly and they love and care about me as well. I can't believe I finally went back to a previous daddy who I've been talking to for over 3 years now as friends once he quit being my daddy and now he's giving me one more chance. If I mess up this time then I'll be seeking another daddy. Anyways am failing only 1 college course now which is my worst subject in school and it is math

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Now if there is anyone on Vancouver Island that wants to record my first spanking video add me up and come get my add please !

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Liebe deutsche Spankees,

I am looking for contacts from germany. I am based near Dresden now.Would be great to get in Touch.

Bis Bald!

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Do any of you know of any research done on the effects of spanking, especially from the spanker's perspective? I'm interested in how it may relieve anger and stress among those who carry around a lot of anger inside that could explode into some ugly behavior for nothing more than dropping a cookie onto the floor.

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New sticker Master made for my car.
Suits me perfectly.

Didn't realise sun was shining over it but you can see it.

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So I was just sat down thinking, my mind wandering over nonsense really.
And I was thinking of a conversation I had with G earlier.

Now if you don't know me, you won't know how much of a chocolate addict I am. But I'm a bit weird, I need to have chocolate in the house, usually hidden away from the boys. ( The boys being G and E our son.) Unopened packets, just hidden. Then I don't get cravings for it, but if it gets opened, that's it, I have to eat it.

Every Xmas and Easter, I buy my favourite chocolate, a Lindt reindeer/santa/teddy or rabbit. They are in the shapes of each, in thick milk or white chocolate. I always buy about 6 at Xmas and put them around the tree.
At Easter I just choose those instead of an egg.

But this Xmas, I only ate 1, so I froze the rest. On the top shelf of the little freezer where our son doesn't go in.

Today I told G, my bag of bite size chocolates were in the freezer.
He said, "Yeah, until E sees them then he will eat them."
Something E does quite often. As he had already stolen my chocolate from the top shelf.

So to get to the point of today's tale, of my mind wandering.

In the top shelf of the freezer, where I store my chocolate is my glass dildo, which I keep in there, as and when I fancy a little ice dildo play.
Not hidden, not wrapped up, just there because E never went in that shelf.
So my mind suddenly thought of it, did he see the dildo, it would be hard not to see it, and if he did, what on earth would he think.
It's made me chuckle a little but also a bit embarrassed. But maybe he would be surprised and impressed to find this in the freezer.
As he probably thinks we are just old foggies, that wouldn't use such things.
Wonder what he would think if he knew the lifestyle his parents lead.

So there you go, my silly mind wandering towards my frozen dildo. Lol.

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I got a present from G today, a new butt plug.
But this one is a really cute pink fluffy rabbits tail butt plug.
It's so cute I had to try it on, the next morning and take some photos for Master to enjoy. I felt so good wearing it, sexy, cute and very hot and horny.
I've uploaded more photos and a little video.

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For those that know me and my blog, you would know that I mention Doc Tsai now and then. Tsai once had a website that helped me get to know about spanking. I came out to him 7 years ago, and since then have built a friendly relationship with him. Because of circumstances he had to take down his website. It’s been about 6 or so years and finally Tsai brought back his website.

The website is for everyone. I believe it’s mainly for newbies or anyone who wants to know more about this kink we all share. It’s filled with great information and advice.

This man I’ve come to know is kind and caring and I’m so proud to call him my friend. Please visit his website at:

Please direct all comments to:

Thanks, C

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Has anyone missed my gorgeous, brilliant and humble self these last few months?

I enjoy being upside down...

All sassy comments appreciated.

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After much thought and reflection, i have decided to remove all my videos at the end of April, unless i can find a mentor who can help me to make this a more lucrative venture. This has been a tough decision and not one that was made lightly. All videos will be taken down from here and from the Spanking Library as well. Thanks for all the kind words and for the emotional support. I could not have done it without you all. I have a lot to learn, and am thinking that for now, this may not be the best avenue to do that.....

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Janie arrived with a driver, at the Lodge. Her Daddy met her on the stairs on the entrance. She never looked more beautiful. Her long golden curls bounced down her back as she walked, nearly touching her fanny. She was dressed in almost completely, in white. Her pretty dress was made of eyelet lace, with a pink silk ribbon woven through the waist. The sleeves were slightly puffy, and the skirt was multilayered. It had just a touch of volume. The neckline was embroidered with tiny pink roses. She wore a thin headband, with the same pink roses, on white satin. She wore little ankle socks with Mary Jane shoes. The heels were low. She wore her new Daddy's Girl, heart locket, around her neck.
David saw his little princess, all dressed in white. She didn't look eighteen. She still lookes like a girl, to him. Her build was slight, but shapely. Her big blue eyes shined, with excitement. How beautiful she was. He hated to let her go, but it was her time. He felt more confident, of Evan's suitability as a husband. Janie needed a firm hand!! He seemed able to wield it.
"Darling, aren't you a picture! I've never seen such a pretty girl!"
"Oh, thank you, Daddy", Janie said, hugging her father, "I just love my locket. It's perfect!!"
"You're very welcome, Princess. It's a special day for you. I've given Evan my blessing, to ask for you as his match."
"Oh, Daddy, I'm the happiest girl in the whole world."
"I love you very much, Janie, and no matter what, you'll always be my girl." The two of them, climbed the stairs. Janie's slim hand, in her Daddy's giant grasp.
"How sore are you, this morning?"
"It's better Daddy, just a little bruised."
"That's good, Janie. a little color, is fine. He gave Janie a little smile and squeezed her hand to reassure her."
"I'm going to take you to my office, for a quick talk, now that you're here, in the Lodge. I know you've been nervous about today. We'll have a visit, then you'll go to the council room. Okay?"
"Yes, Sir."
David led Janie to the King's suite. He poured her some orange juice and sat down with her.
"Now, Janie. I want you to be on your best behavior, today. Remember you are representing our family. There may be some parts of this, that you won't like very much, but you're growing up and it's time, you stopped being a young girl and start to behave like a young woman. If you want Evan to marry you, you need to be approved, by the council. That means, certain standards have to be met. You know what a virgin is, don't you, Janie?"
"Yes, Sir."
"One thing your future husband will want to know, is if you are a virgin."
"I am, Daddy. I promise."
"I know, Janie. But a Dr. might have to check, if Evan or his family want that. I dont think he has any doubt, but it could happen. The council will look at all the girls bottoms. They want to know that you've been raised, correctly. They want to be sure you know how to behave yourself, like a good girl, while you are being punished. You can cry, honey, but no twisting around or putting your hand back. You are allowed to kick a little, but you must not fold up your legs. Remember Dylan had his initiation. This is kind of like yours. Now, we don't have much more time. The council likes the girls to have nice, red bottoms. I know because I'm on the council. I can't vote, when it comes to you, but I can present you, in the best light. Now let's see your bum, darling.... To see if it's red enough."
"Do you want me across your knee, Daddy? Are you going to spank me, so it's nice and red?"
"Yes, Janie, come here, let Daddy see if you need a warming up."
She went to David's side and he hoisted her up and over his lap. He raised her skirt and her pretty petticoats. He was happy to see that her thighs had some color. He pulled her lace underpants down. She had a little bruising just under her cheeks, but not much else. Her skin was just a tiny bit pink.... Not enough to notice.
"I'm sorry, Honey, this won't do. I'm going spank you fast and hard. No counting and no tensing up, now. I want you to practice your manners."
"Are you ready, Dear?"
" Yes, Sir."
With that, David began slapping her little, round bottom, with his very large hand. He had sprayed just a little water, on his palm. He could tell it stung, as Janie jumped, when his hand hit her cheeks. The sting was always immediate. He slapped upward. He wanted to color her bottom, not bruise it. It was such a darling derriere! It was quickly turning from white to a rich pink color. He wanted her whole behind, a nice red. He slapped every part of her cheeks. He bent her further over and spanked under her bum, in that delicate crease. He could hear Janie whine with those. She was being brave. He finished with a few swats to her legs. He'd misted the water on her, just before. She did cry out, but still... She took them all very well!
Janie didn't want to be spanked, but she had no choice. She had to make a good impression. She hung on to Daddy's leg, as the spanking began. Ouch! That stung!! She felt the sting growing hot and then more and more stinging, as she recieved smacks all over her butt. Ooo, it was getting so warm!! She tried to breathe, through them, but already her bottom was hurting. Her Daddy was brushing upwards with the slaps, and they really stung her, like crazy. Her bottom was red hot now. He pushed her over, even farther. Janie knew, that meant her thighs and under her butt cheeks, were going to get it. Ow! She barely made a sound, but tears had come to her eyes. Very soon, he were done. It was a relief to stand. He was pinching her cheeks and checking for color, and seemed satisfied, as he checked his watch.
"That's a beautiful, red bottom, Princess. They are going to love it! Pull up your panties, and smooth down your dress. Let me see your face. Here dry your tears. Let's go."
"Yes, Sir."
It was all happening so fast. Daddy pulled her down a hallway, by her hand. The results of the spanking, were now in full bloom. Her bottom was so stingy and she felt prickly pain everywhere. It felt fiery hot.
They entered a big room. There were about ten girls kneeling on a funny bench. Daddy put her with them.
The council sat behind them.
"Now, girls....", a voice rang out. "Bend forward and reach for the bar. If you can't reach, put your hand up and we'll adjust it. That's it, everyone all set now?"
An attendant started at each end, he pulled the girls skirts up, and yanked their white panties down to their knees. They pushed their knees apart. Okay, now hang on, we are going to raise your bottoms up. A mechanism sounded, and the girls felt their knees rise up and their heads go down. The only thing visible, to the council, was a beautiful line of bare bottoms. They were of every shade. Some were virtually white and unmarked, some a little pink, many, very red and a few very damaged.
Janie heard footsteps behind her. Then she felt, hands touching her bottom...pinching it, slapping it lightly, bouncing her ass cheeks. Then another hand, a few slaps.... some hard. She realized they were parading past the bottoms, patting them all. They were checking for heat and firmness. They wanted to feel, how it felt to slap it. Hand after hand grabbed at her, and whacked and stroked her hot ass cheeks. She could hear them talk.
"What a lovely, spankable bottom. It's no wonder, it's so hot. Look at those round cheeks! Let me smack that... Yes, lovely! Oh, let me try."
She heard Evan's voice, Mr. Stern's and Daddy's! That one was Uncle James'! But she was just a pretty bottom, bent over, in a row. She was glad, they couldn't see her face, right now. She was so embarrassed. So many hands poking and pinching her fanny. Behave, she told herself.

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Last weekend I got a rather rude and pushy reation when I did not jump on the oppurtunity to make myself available to a member who contacted me, persistantly messaging me, and after I explained as it implies in my profile, I was not into being with anyone but my husband he typed "if you are not interested, quit wasting my time!" just minutes after my negative response to a message from him that seemed to imply he wanted me to make a commitment or plans.

I am from the South. We do not act rude or are mean to people generally, but I got in trouble for the blue streak I let loose! I had tried to kindly say I appreciated his interest, but no, fish in another pond... and for my manners I got treated like I was the one who sought him out just to pee in his Cheerios! If and when we decide to invite someone into our relationship party, he will have the manners of a southerner, dominant or not, or he just won't be dominating or partaking of anyone or anything I an connected to.

Am I wrong? Do I owe other members cooperation just by being a member of this site? If so, I am in the wrong place...

My husband wouldn't let me send this to him directly.

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Looking to make some new friends and hopefully maybe some ones local to Tennessee. I would just like to have people to talk too and maybe have some to actually hang out with, instead of getting the run around so to speak.

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My lovely wife has decided that that she would love to invite another woman into our fun and games.

She wants this for a couple of reasons, one to allow someone else to spank and cane me (possibly with some switching but mainly she wants to see me spanked!). Two because she is wanting to experience some girl / girl sexual activity. Her definitive rule is that I will not be having sex with the lucky lady, just her. I will receive my reward from her at the end of the session but until that point I will be there mainly to be spanked and to provide other assistance only when called upon!

As the spankee this is both exciting and a bit daunting. Over the years, through trial and error, we know where my limits are. To submit to a relative stranger will remove this comfort blanket and I suspect my wife will want those limits well and truly pushed.

This will not be easy to set up but here's hoping I will be able to report back, with significant stripes, very soon.

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So I've been getting messages here lately asking if I am a black man cause of my name black spanko

I AM IRISH/italian for future reference

But I'm not gonna lie I love black girls so hmu but honestly I am seeking for a nice girl who needs a male counterpart to coexist message me

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I have a great idea for a story, i have been playing with it in my head all day. Its based on true events and will post when i have finished it.

Bars and Stripes