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He checked the door handle. Unbelievably, it was unlocked. Slipping inside, he stripped off his clothes. The room was steamy and warm. Lara hummed softly. He slid the shower curtain open.
Lara stood in the spray, her head tilted back, eyes closed. Her peach-tipped breasts were lifted and separated with the graceful arch of her upper-back. His gaze traveled down her flat belly to ogle her trim little mons and, below it, the slender shapely legs. He drank in the sight of her as if it, alone, might nourish him.
Her lids opened then flew wide.
He clapped a hand over her mouth. “Don’t scream,” he murmured. It would damage his ego if Alyx thought she didn’t want him in here. Of course, there was a good chance she didn’t.
He eased his hand away. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”
She blinked, still looking confused.
He stepped all the way in, trusting the cast on his foot was as waterproof as she’d promised. He gave her the full view of his rather eager manhood. “May I help?”
Her blush charmed him and, when she stepped back, as if to make room for him, he claimed the victory.
He picked up her wrists and pinned her back against the shower wall, the spray of water catching him across the shoulders. He twirled his tongue over her nipple, licking it into a stiff point before sucking, hard then lifted his head to look at her face. Her flush wasn’t of the innocent kind this time—she had pure passion written on her face.
He smiled. Bending to her neglected nipple, he nipped it with his teeth. She jerked in surprise. He laved it with his tongue, then flicked it with the tip.
He spun her around. “Hands against the wall; stick your ass out.” His voice sounded rough and growly.
Amazingly, she obeyed. He wondered how he’d missed the exact point at which he’d won her submission. Or maybe he hadn’t. Maybe she simply wanted him as much as he wanted her. He tested it. Drawing back his hand, he landed a sharp smack on her left cheek, watching as it flattened and sprang back under his hand.
“Ow!” She sounded indignant and frowned over her shoulder, but he noticed she stayed in position. “What was that for?”
“My pleasure.” He smacked the other cheek.
She gasped.
When he slid his fingers between her legs, he found her folds slick and swollen. “And yours.”
She made an indistinct sound. He thought it might be of confusion. She still hadn’t reconciled her own attraction to domination and pain.
“Spread your legs.”
She widened her stance. He brought his hand up, between her legs, spanking her pussy.
“Oh,” she squealed. “What are you doing?”
“I’m spanking your beautiful little pussy. Do you know why, Doctor?”
She shook her head.
He slapped her again. “Answer me with words.”
“No, sir.” Her voice sounded choked like the words had raced each other out her mouth.
Damn, there was that sir thing again. It seemed less strange to him this time. He hadn’t wanted or deserved her respect before; he’d only required her compliance so he could keep her safe. Now, he reveled in her deference, as if he’d earned it.
He leaned forward and put his lips near her ear. “Because you love it.” He rubbed two fingers over her slick entrance again. “Don’t you?”
She whimpered.
He spanked her little pussy again then slid his fingers into her moist heat and pumped twice. “Don’t you?” He withdrew his fingers completely.
“Tell me what you want.”
“You. I want you.”
“However you want to give it to me.”
His knees nearly buckled. Dear UG, he really had won her submission. The growl in his throat was all animal. All his plans for a long, drawn-out seduction fled as his blood traveled south of his brain.



A Humanitarian Doctor
Dr. Lara Simmons only wants to help the inhabitants of the planet Jesel. The last thing she expects is to be taken prisoner by a rebel faction.

A Dominant Protector
Blade Vengeance isn't about to let anything happen to the beautiful stranger who finds herself far from home and in trouble.But on his planet, the rules are different. Lara's survival depends on her obedience to his rules, and he isn't about to let her forget it.


My newsletter subscribers got this book for only $.99! Sign up so you get special advanced pricing too:

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She is in the hospital again. Nothing bad this time. Precautionary stay due to the fact she has the stomach flu. With all the medication they have her on for the infections from her cut, they say they cannot risk the stomach flu being un-monitored. She should be home tomorrow.

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heute mal ein deutschsprachiger Beitrag

Ich möchte den Fokus auf einen Aspekt richten, der grundsätzlich eine große Bedeutung für mich hat.


Ich meine nicht die "Krokodilstränen", zu denen manche Mädels nach 30 Sekunden neigen, sondern Tränen, die wie ein Sturm wüten und sich nicht so schnell wieder legen.

Hier unterscheide ich nochmal zwischen drei Arten von Tränen.

1.) Der Beginn, die ersten Tränen. Das Mädel hat sich noch unter Kontrolle, auch wenn es die ersten Tränen nicht mehr zurückhalten halten kann. Eine schöne Sache, aber hier geht es gerade erst los.

2.) Tränen in Zusammenhang mit Gegenwehr
Hier beginnt es wirklich interessant zu werden.
Es ist einerseits ein Kompliment/Geschenk, aber noch immer bzw. jetzt erst recht eine Herausforderung.

Aber das Beste kommt zum Schluss.

3.) Tränen ohne Widerstand

Angenommen, sie fängt an zu weinen, aber XY Schläge stehen noch aus.
Ein wunderschönes Gefühl.

Und das gilt auch dann noch, wenn "es" vorbei ist.
Nackt, auf dem Bauch liegend, die Tränen fließen.


Natürlich wollen einige sofort - wie auch immer - getröstet werden und natürlich ist der ganze Vorgang von der jeweiligen Toleranz abhängig, aber wenn Fall Nr. 3 eintritt und beide danach zunächst die Stille wollen...herrlich.

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They say when you drown you experience intense flashbacks from your life
Katlyn was indeed drowning
Freeze frame
The whip was motionless suspended in mid-air, prepared for its cruel descent. All was still, her Fathers expression revealed the effort he was applying to the first stroke, but there was no movement. The tight grip her Mother had on her wrists relaxed. Katlyn stood up and studied them both, the vision was surreal……
Katlyn was confused, she was back in the house, in the living room with her Mother in front of her, clutching one of her Fathers belts. Katlyn became mesmerised as she watched her Mother grab her hand and pull her over to an old chair by the open fire, she could feel the heat emanating from its burning embers. Katlyn was roughly positioned over her Mother’s lap, her skirt raised and her knickers tugged down to expose her flawless cheeks. She watched as her Mother strapped her relentlessly with the belt, stroke after stroke rained down each one laying a wide strip of colour. She could see her Mother talking but she could hear no words.
The whip cut through the air with a hiss. It landed centrally across her bared cheeks – Katlyn let out a scream as the pain registered, she was back, in the stable.
She felt the tightness of her Mothers hands restraining her, all breath had left her lungs and as her Mothers grip tightened further she saw her casual nod and within her field of vision, her Fathers arm raised for the second time.
The tapered leather whip carved its way down and again landed midway across her cheeks. There was an instant response from her flesh, a defined and vivid red welt that spanned both cheeks. At the moment of impact Katlyn again screamed, ‘Please Dad, Mum, stop, I’m sorry, I’ll change, please no more please’
Her pleas for clemency fell on deaf ears. The whip was once more lifted and her Father let out a breath as he brought the fierce leather down on his daughter.
The stroke landed directly over the last, inflaming the already crimson stripe that stood prominent across her otherwise perfect golden brown cheeks. The pain was intense and her tears flowed freely as the pain of the stroke blended with that of the humiliation.
‘Harder Phil, teach her a lesson’ her Mother snarled.
Katlyn was crying uncontrollably, the pain from the previous strokes intensifying as it radiated through her entire form, she felt her body shaking, god this was only three strokes, how many more!
‘Again Phil, Harder’
He raised the whip, Katlyn braced, pulling against her Mother’s iron grip. The crafted leather landed, its vicious tip wrapping itself across her smooth flesh leaving a new ridge of pain.
‘For god’s sake Phil she needs beating properly, here you take her hands, give me the whip’
Katlyn released a guttural sob. She knew that her Father had attempted some level of leniency, her Mother wouldn’t.
She snatched the whip and moved behind Katlyn, barking at Phil to take hold of her hands.
Freeze frame
Where was Simon, Christ, what would he think if he knew this was happening?
Simon was Katlyn’s semi love interest, they had met at a young farmers dance a couple of years ago and had seen each other on and off since, they had ‘clicked’ immediately and their relationship whilst lacking intensity had flourished.
Yes, they had slept together, Simon was an accomplished yet rough lover. His large hands had a coarseness which turned her nipples to stone at the slightest touch. When making love, Simon was the dominant one which Katlyn responded to, but even at the height of passion, there was something missing, something that she craved like a drug.
Her thoughts turned to her last punishment, she had been out with Simon and had returned home drunk. She remembered going to her room and starting to undress for bed. Her Mother had appeared at the door holding the cane. Her Mothers mouth was moving, but again there was no sound. She moved to the bed took two pillows and placed them centrally on the bed. Katlyn watched as without any instruction she positioned herself over the pillows.
Katlyn wanted to cry out for her to stop, but she became captivated by the scene that was unfolding in front of her.
What had I done to deserve this, why was I offering no resistance?
Her hips were directly over the pillows causing her bottom to be raised, high and proud. She reached behind and slowly pulled her crisp white cotton panties down revealing two perfectly formed, unmarked cheeks, offering them to her Mother and to the impending cruelty of the cane. She could see herself crying.
Her Mother gently rested the cane across Katlyn’s naked bottom, raised it and then delivered the first of twelve measured and stinging strokes. Throughout the caning Katlyn watched herself squirming and clearly sobbing, she was surprised at the severity of the caning.
After the twelve strokes had been administered her Mother left the room. Katlyn’s hands explored her bottom, gently investigating the results. Her fingers caressed each of the welts as if counting to ensure that the punishment had been sufficient. When satisfied, she rolled off the pillows, onto her back and her hands moved between her legs. Katlyn watched herself become wet with pleasure.
She questioned, had I actually enjoyed the punishment?
Her Father was now knelt in front of her, tightly clutching her hands, he spoke softly ‘I’m so sorry Katlyn I tried to be as gentle as I could’
She looked up and through her tears saw her Mother caressing the whip. It’s okay Phil, leave this to me now, I know what she needs, you just keep tight hold of her’.
She moved to her side, Katlyn let out a loud sob – ‘Please Mom, please, please don’t whip me, I will be good I promise’.
‘This is the only way Katlyn, you know deep down that this is necessary, what you need, what you want’.
Katlyn sank her head into the hay bales and in preparation she drew a deep breath. The whip cut the air like a scythe and hit a virgin area of her cheeks, any composure was immediately lost, the pain unbearable, she released a scream within which the plea of ‘No more, please, I’m so sorry’ was buried.
Her Mother continued thrashing Katlyn, each lash stronger and more purposeful than the previous. Katlyn’s perfect cheeks were no more, they were alight, burnt and the deep red weal’s began to merge.
‘That’s enough now Jen’, Phil had spoken.
Katlyn’s mind raced – No Dad, not yet, god what am I thinking, I want it to continue, the truth was surfacing.
‘I’ll tell you when it’s enough Phil, she’s not ready yet’ – She continued with a further six merciless strokes until finally she put the tool down and called to Phil to release her.
Katlyn was drenched in sweat, part from the warmth of the stable but mainly from the energy she had used to control the pain, energy which had now failed, she was cried out and her entire body slumped over the bales, Her Fathers grip relaxed.
‘Phil’, her Mother motioned, ‘leave her now let her reflect’. With that, both left the stable and Katlyn could hear their footsteps fading as they made their way back to the house.
Katlyn regained her composure, gathered up her long tear soaked hair, wiped it from her face and cleared her vision. Her bottom felt heavy, raw and tender from the savage beating. She reached behind, carefully tracing each of the angry welts with her trembling fingers. She explored further and it was not long before she discovered the fragrant dampness between her thighs. She probed deeper and in doing so, gently fell back across the hay bales. Her fingers had now reached a sweet place which caused her back to arch and her heart raced as she released a shallow moan of pleasure.
It was at that point that Katlyn began to understand the truth, the realisation of why she was there and why she had been subjected to such an ordeal….. Yes, she had wanted it, yes, she had needed it and yes she would ensure that this was not going to be the last time.
As her fingers slid deeper into her tightness, she could feel her muscles contract and the painful heat from her freshly punished cheeks was transcended by a new and overwhelming sensation as her entire body was shattered from the intensity of her climax.
Her body glistened with perspiration and she writhed in that unique moment of complete oneness but as she settled back, her heart rate slowing her thoughts turned to Simon.
What must I do, how will I explain this desire, how can I ever get Simon to take the role?
This was to be a seminal moment in Katlyn’s life and she knew that the next time she was to be punished it would be at the mercy of her lover…Simon.

To be continued

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This is my first ever blog.

A very good friend of mine SRC,you all know him
He also as a quieter friend called vlysw.
These two good honourable people are totally appalled,by what they see in the above named video. In their words " this is abuse, plus exploitation,and is not wanted here,or to be encouraged at all ".

Right now it is the new video's section of the home page.
Do view this video, if you can bear it.
Please read the comments.
Then please express your comments ,hopefuly supporting SRC.
To drive this abuse ,and expliotation away from our spanking cummunity.


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I stopped by the market after work today to grab a few things for dinner, when I came out there was a note on my said " Donna- if you want a spanking, be a good girl and text me"...then there was a phone number lmao

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Hi, folks!

When you meet a new girl for the first time and she is so shy....

She talks about anything and everything - except spanking.
But so fast and you can nearly smell the great nervousness.

Finally you decide to go but then...still waters run deep.

This feeling when you are at home again is always very special.

A true pleasure.

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We owe a big thank you and a pat on the back to Marcus, our Webmaster, for fixing the email notification function on Spanking Tube. Thanks to him, when we receive a message in our inbox, we will receive an email to let us know that we have a message waiting for us the next time we log in, and from whom. Again, thank you Marcus for this added functionality to Spanking Tube!

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Currently my favourite videos but what range there is in the cane! Some strokes viciously bruise in a way I don't like, others make a nice sound but hardly leave a mark. Somewhere in between is what I would really like to experience but despair of ever coming across a woman who would enjoy applying the cane in such a way. It seems to be a tap or a cut. I've experience the tap, would fear the cut, but would really enjoy 24 crisply delivered thwacks with a least I imagine I would!

Ah well! At least I can rely on the slipper!

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Said i have a girls butt.

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It took a long time but the wife finally seems to be getting into it. A few weeks ago I tried something new. I texted her that I wanted a spanking. I was down in my man cave & she was upstairs. She replied to give her 10 min & then come up. I went upstairs & stripped down to my underwear. I have been avoiding the panties thing as I know she is not comfortable with it but I have been wearing Wintersilks men's briefs which feel great & feel a lot like wearing panties but less restrictive.
I went upstairs & she already had my implements laid out on the bed & she was in black lingerie. She had me bend over the footboard of the bed Which is a little high so my feet just reached the floor.

She began with her hand & then worked her way through the hairbrush, wooden paddle, leather strap with about 50 of each. She pulled down my briefs & finished with 50 with the lexan paddle & then 50 with the rod from the mini blinds( amazing replacement for a cane & you can leave it around LOL).

I was quite sore while I was being made to service her.

Last night I texted her again & she agreed. It was a quickie in my panties, first a hand spanking then the strap, probably about 50. For some reason, I was having a little trouble getting into it but it did provide some stress relief.

Until next time.... Cheers

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Would you like a good spanking? Erotic, discipline, or both? You might not guess it by viewing my profile, but I am a good spanker. What makes me a good spanker? A number of things. First of all, you get the spanking you want, not the spanking I want to give. My favorite position is OTK, favorite implements, hand and wooden hairbrush, for starters. But, I want to take you to your mind's eye view of what a good spanking is too you, not my idea. This does wonders for trust, as I have no hidden agenda, no surprises, you may vividly anticipate your upcoming spanking, know that it will match up well with what we have privately discussed. I was a Top spanker for over 20 years, I am now a switch, as I will not deny how sexy I find it to see a woman rub a paddle over her waiting lap. Also, I once read that "If you want to give a good spanking, you have to get a good spanking". Growing up, everybody I knew got spanked, myself included, so I know all about what a good spanking is, what domestic discipline is. I prefer to administer erotic, sensual, orgasmic spankings, would you like to cum over my knee? But I can be a strict disciplinarian as needed, scoldings, lectures, mouth soaping, corner time, wood paddles, hairbrushes, bath brushes, belts, & canes. Do you want a good spanking? I am a SWM 55 5'5" 140lbs + Must like Cats in Rochester NY

Be Good.

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I wanted to take time to reacquaint myself with my old friends--especially LezNic, who I haven't heard from in ages. It's been a rough couple of years what with diabetes hitting me and deaths and dementia in the family. But I hope things are getting better and plan to join a local group of like minded folk who are specifically looking for a disciplinarian who has no desire to start anything personal/sexual. As always, I take all the precautions and safety measures, but in this case, a friend of mine is the "host" of thes social events, so this will be something of a first for me. It still never fails to amaze me how many terrific ladies are eager and ready to go over a man's knee, knowing they won't sit comfortably for a day or two ;) But, the next one is weekend of Oct 10, and I seem to be scheduled for a full slate. I prefer to set up my own sessions, but I trust this friend, so I'm willing to give it a try. If it doesn't feel right, I'll just tell him thanks, but it's not for me. I will keep you posted. And Nic---tell me what's goin on in your life!!!

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I have just dropped Marcus a line suggesting that the M/M videos should be treated the same as the other combinations: M/F, F/M, F/F, trans people, cross-dressing people. Here's a copy of what I wrote:

"It would be so good if the M/M videos were integrated into the general "population" rather than being segregated into their own ghetto. Just like all the other videos, there are some one likes better and some one likes less well, but I don't see why they shouldn't be treated the same as all the other spanking videos. It's not as though they were a different thing in the way bdsm is, for example".

I believe there are others who feel the same way; maybe you would feel like backing me up?

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The stable was warm and the musty smell of hay filled her nostrils. She felt exposed, her jeans has been hastily undone and were now at her ankles. She was vulnerable, the light material of her cotton briefs afforded her little cover and she was deeply conscious of the dire situation she now found herself in.
Two hay bales formed a makeshift bench over which she was now awkwardly bent, the sharp ends of the hay adding to her discomfort.
A feeling of despair engulfed her as she assessed her surroundings, scanning the stable until her focus met with the neat row of riding whips hanging in the tack area.
To say Katlyn has ‘spirit’ is an understatement. Her formative years were happily spent on her parent’s farm, an inheritance from her Mother’s family. Phil her Father worked away for extended periods. In his absence, Jenny her Mother worked the farm and showed her little attention. When not in school, Katlyn’s days were spent exploring the surrounding countryside. She was the classic ‘tomboy’, preferring the friendship of boys over that from the local girls within her age group.
Katlyn was naturally mischievous and was constantly in trouble, nothing serious, just the kind of stuff that kids do.
Despite her rebellious nature, Katlyn did surprising well at school, and at 18 with a cluster of A-Levels, gained a University placement. Phil & Jenny funded this and Katlyn was away for much of the following three years. Her occasional return was like a tornado, sweeping through their lives and as much as they loved Katlyn, found it hard to cope with her at home and they were always relieved when she returned to university.
At 21, Katlyn graduated and Phil & Jenny were as you would expect – very proud of her achievement.
Katlyn became mesmerised by one particular riding whip, subconsciously she knew that this would be the one he selected. The whip was long, maybe three foot in length and was a beautiful burnished brown colour – leather, with a smooth taper leading to a vicious tip. It was quite stiff, she knew, she had used it countless times whilst riding her Mother’s horses and even then had been told to exercise it with caution.
She felt a lump in her throat, her body tensed and she tasted the salt from her tears as she wept softly. She waited.
Katlyn had been punished before, many times, but not like this, this had a different edge to it.
Her first time was during one of her trips home from university, after an evening out she had returned home late, very late and both Phil and Jenny were out of their minds with worry. In the ensuing argument and in a spout of venom she had dared her Mother – ‘For God’s sake what are you going to do spank me’?
It was to be a seminal moment and in a fit of pure frustration her Mother had indeed pulled Katlyn to a kitchen chair, roughly positioned her over her lap, lifted he skirt and yes, delivered a sound spanking which in no time had Katlyn in floods of tears and pleading for her to stop, although this was probably more through humiliation than the spanking itself.
After graduating, Katlyn declared that she would be moving back home. Phil and Jenny had mixed feelings. Phil had now given up his job to help Jenny on the farm, building the business. Maybe Katlyn could contribute? This was doubtful Katlyn was still a ‘live wire’, cocky and rebellious. They knew that her presence would be to say the least, stressful.
When Katlyn moved back home it was not long before problems arose and it quickly became evident that she had gained a taste for drink. The local pub became her second home and gossip soon started circulating about her behaviour.
Her Mothers default position when problems with Katlyn arose, was to punish her, physically. These were frequent, and a reflection of Katlyn’s continuing rebellious character. Her Mother had become quite proficient and usually had Katlyn in tears within a few strokes of the belt or more recently from a cane she had acquired – God knows where from.

She heard footsteps crunch on the gravel leading to the stable, she glanced back and saw them.
Jenny walked in front of where Katlyn was bent over. She knelt in front of the hay bales and held out her hands. “Give me your hands Katlyn” she summoned. Katlyn reached forward and her Mother took a firm grip of her hands jerking her forward to minimise any attempt to struggle.
Her Father was behind her, she could feel his presence. There was a glance from her Mother followed by a brief nod. She felt her Father move closer and as his hands grabbed the waist of her cotton briefs she made a futile attempt to free her hands to stop him. Without ceremony he pulled them roughly over her cheeks, down to her ankles where they joined her jeans.
“I’m so sorry” pleaded Katlyn, “I will change I promise, please don’t beat me, please”?
There was a distinct feeling of déjà vu, she recalled numerous times over the years where she had pleaded for leniency in similar circumstances. Her Mother was always there, she was always the one who administered the punishments.
Katlyn had talked about these punishments with her friends – they were horrified that at their age, corporal punishment was being employed as a tool for realignment. Strangely, Katlyn found herself defending her Parents.
Her Father walked slowly to the rack of riding whips and studied them. He ran his fingers along the neat row of leather and hide, pausing over one in particular. Her Mother nodded to approve his choice, “That one Phil that will do just fine”.
Katlyn had a perfect figure, at 25 she was slim, tall like her Mother and ‘taut’, a result of the years of being outdoors. Her time at university had claimed no mileage on her body.
Her legs were muscular in a feminine way, beautifully tanned and long, her bottom, now fully exposed was of perfect shape and proportion and was as smooth as porcelain, although she knew this would shortly change.
As Katlyn lay across the bales, her mind raced, recalling the sequence of events, events which had inevitably led to the need for this particular punishment.
She turned her head towards the tack area and watched her Father carefully studying the whip. Her long golden hair seemed to blend with the honey yellow of the hay bales, tears ran across her perfect complexion and her stomach churned as she became aware that this time, there was no ‘talking her way out of it’.
Her Father took the riding whip firmly, turned towards her and slowly positioned himself at her side.
“Dad please, not that whip, please, please don’t beat me”.
She felt her Mother tighten the grip on her hands, pulling her forward, the whip rested gently across her silken cheeks, and following another nod from her Mother, her Father raised the whip.

To be continued:

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Well my birthday is Monday the 5th and I was originally going with my family to North Carolina today until Tuesday the 6th because my older brother is getting married tomorrow but with the hurricane and bad weather I decided to not take the risk and stay home, but the sad thing is all my family is still going or already down there, and my friends are busy so looks like I won't have anyone to go out and celebrate, but I thankfully I won't be alone on my birthday having a daughter does come in handy sometimes lol

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Tried to add a comment to her post - not working, so here it is:

Yes, Meggy, I've been thinking about this, and the answer isn't obvious.

One thing is the question of abuse. I'm sure there are a lot of people to whom striking a partner is simply abuse, and who can't or won't see the difference that consent makes.

Then even with consent, the line dividing consensual from abusive isn't always clear. Some videos on here make me uncomfortable even if someone did accept voluntarily to be spanked. Examples would be where the beating is so severe as to risk doing real damage, or involves berating the spankee for misdemeanors: the whole punishment / discipline thing in fact. Also ones where the spanker appears to be using excessive force, including psychological, to force the spankee to continue.

So even among ourselves, there are probably almost as many ideas of what is acceptable as there are members. What are the poor vanillas out there to make of it? Especially as Katie said when garbage like 59 Shades plays into the sick pervert stereotype.

For now, I'm going to maintain a discreet silence in the "real" world. I just don't want to take the risk of being stereotyped as a poor little abused victim, and Mr A as a domineering pervert. (Fot those who don't know us, we spank as foreplay pure and simple).

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I have not got anywhere with the spank / be spanked pay as you go thing, - the one definite bloke I thought was coming to be spanked just didn't get back to me after our phonecall and didn't even have the courtesy to say he'd changed his mind. I think it's best if I just do it as a byline instead of thinking about it as a source of income. And focus on getting a job. But I am doing that anyway, it is just a bit hard to keep on looking every day.

Last weekend I met someone who has piqued my interest - I was sat next to him at a "do". I don't know if it was our mutual friend's plan to sit us together to see if we hit it off. But anyway - my interest was first piqued when I heard him saying stuff about tying someone to the bed. And then something else a bit eyebrow-raising, and then mentioning he'd been to a fetish club and was watching someone get spanked. Well, I didn't need telling twice that here was an open-minded, unconventional, un-vanilla boy. I made some suitably interested comments and met his (oh so sparkly!!) eyes and held them long enough, I hope to communicate my shared interests.

Well I couldn't discuss it with him openly because we were sitting with two small children and when we left the do, it was a bit "oh well was that it then" because neither of us made any plans to keep in touch.

But since then I've been thinking how nice he was, how alive and how exciting, how his eyes sparkled and danced - in short I need your help here! I should, at my age, know how to go about these things, but I seem to have entirely lost the ability to think straight. I want to somehow be in touch with him but without going through facebook like a stalker. The most I can do, I think, is mention subtly to his friend that I liked him. But is subtle too subtle? What if I need to be bold? What if he meets someone else? What if he wasn't in the slightest bit interested? If he was interested, wouldn't he have followed it up? Maybe he isn't suitable because he is madly unconventional (and hinted at issues). Maybe I'm so keen to find someone I'll go for the first person I meet.

I really have no idea what to do next. Girls, boys, what do you think? Any ideas? :)

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Ive seen alot of things in my day and the otherday TMZ silenced all the size queens out there see for yourself go to and type in there seach 19 inch penis..even the lady who does the donkey show said hell no. And the donkey bowed his head in shame

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looking for spankers or spankees from maine.
male or woman...otk hard hand or hairbrush
used.... also will take a spanking....
let me hear from you.

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