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As everyone knows I love wearing leotards and tights to get my spankings. I also love wearing unitards and bodytights. These make the whole experience amazing for me. Many people have asked where I buy these amazing leotards and tights so I will share some good sites for purchasing these items so that you may enjoy the sensation also!
Most of my leotards and especially all of my thong leotards are custom made. You can explore that option at this website.
If you hover on the word Tailor at the top it lets you choose a category and then there is styles and options available. I love the leotards they make and I have had them last a very long time through many long hard spankings.
Next I love this site also
Good prices and selection!
Another great site is this one.
Great selection of Leotards, Tights, Unitards, and other wonderful tight stretchy clothes for spankings.
I also love Mondor leotards and tights. They make the colorful leotards and tights that I wear for spankings and in the pictures with my girlfriend. They are difficult to find online and I have actually purchased most of my Mondor brand leotards and tights on ebay.

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I'm in so much need to be caned by somebody....I'm feeling less pleasure do it myself.....but until now I couldn't find anyone around my Area to give me a professional Caning....
I guess it's our Faith to have great difficulties to find the perfect Match....somebody who knows how to deal with a naked,naughty Bottom.
Maybe one Day....Faith brings me across with a Master or Mistress...until it's happened we do it ourselves and escape in our Spanking Fantasies....

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my big family Christmas party is only 6 days away... ive been bustin my ass literally every single day after work n on the weekends tryin to pull everythin off... ive been putting in more hrs at work , still getting out by 1pm days but goin in as early as 2am a few days in a row, getting out of work, runnin errands, babysittin, preparing for the party, cookin, cleanin etc..yeah I know ,that's normal womans work n I COULD handle it all just fine EXCEPT for DAVE!!!

he has fought me tooth n nail all the way.. he always becomes completely impossible this time of yr which kills me cause he already knows I'm so stressed at this time n he only adds to it... he is not neglected at all, I make sure he has a hot cooked meal ready for him when he walks in the door, I not only have it ready, its on his plate, drink poured n I bring it to him.. he has clean clothes to wear everyday, I cut his hair for him, pack a lunch when he needs one, run all his errands n yes when he wants sex...he gets it .......

yet hes fought me all the way on my food preparations... I honestly think hes jealous of my closeness with my family .. N I KNOW hes drinkin liquor behind my back.. not that he has to hide it, it does what he wants but the fact hes hidin it is a worry in itself... I confronted him about it because I can see the difference in his actions n he denys it even tho I know witout a doubt that I'm right...

i bought eggs to make cookies with.. he delibertly hard boiled them all .. sayin he made them for lunch yet this man never makes his own lunch............i made cookie dough n put it in the freezer to make it easier when the time comes to bake them off n he literally GAVE away one of the batches of molasses cookie dough to his friend.... i asked y because he never gives anyone anythin n he said "i didnt think ud mind".................i said u KNEW it was for the party n he comes back with "my house"............always "his house"... so this turns into a big ugly arguement where now hes tellin me i cant use his oven/stove to bake n make what i need for the party.. last yr he literally complained about how much my bakin was costin him.. i literally went n checked into it n it came down to bout $10 for a half yr at alot more hrs than i was even usin so i tossed him 10 bucks.......i told him if he didnt want me to bake at his house then i didnt wanna hear it when i take the stuff elsewhere to bake it off n make the sauce.... i came home from work on wed to find he had tossed out the batches of mini cream puffs id made n froze........ theres times i HATE him...........moreso i hate me........

i enjoy our parties but he always sucks the enjoyment out of it for me... in past yrs hes threatened to not let me take out of HIS house the gifts I have bought , wrapped.. the food i have bought n made.......n i had to make plans to sneak it out the party.. i enjoy the preparation for the parties, i do not enjoy the stress n he is just addin to it daily........... just 6 more days ...just 6!!

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Next weekend have another meeting with Master Victor.He wants me to decorate his new year tree.Sure, i will be naked, tied and he will use cane to improve my speed.
Any other ideas for this coming weekend?

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I was spanked by hand today and spent some naked time in the corner.

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Im starting to look again for a female to mentor or be a mom to. My daddy dom could also be a dad to her as well if wanted. We already have one daughter and are considering looking for another. If you are serious and need accountability and structure please comment or private message me. I do text and would eventually like to talk on the phon so hopefully that wont be a problem

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This week couldn't get any worse if not losing my biological dad wasn't bad enough It now seems that ivs lost someone who was like a daughter to me that i met on here. Guess if my heart wasnt broken enough with my dad passing now this. Guess the family i dreamt of doesn't want me or us

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Hello Everyone,

It only 19 days till Santa visits...

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She came in to my house. A glaze in her eyes saying I'm yours.

I took control. She wore what I'd told her. A dress. Nice lingerie. Stockings. Full back panties.

The dress was removed by her under my direction. She was stood in my kitchen in her Ann Summers lingerie. Embarrassed as I was fully clothed

I pushed her face down onto my kitchen table. Pushed her feet apart. She's now mine. Exposed. Vulnerable. Gasping.

I stand to her aide. Place my hand at the small of her back and start warming up her cheeks through her black lace panties.

Now I had to raise the bar this time. She needed pushed. I've never spanked anyone that hard before. With just my hand. Fuck. Her reaction was so erotic. Obviously enjoying the pain I inflicted in the warm up.

At this point I like to tug her panties down. Bare ass in my kitchen. For fingering of both her holes. And some good rimming and pussy licking from behind. This embarrasses her. She knows her place though.

We moved to the livingroom. Some otk here. On the couch. Her ass is red hot now and stinging. Much to my pleasure

I love tugging her panties down otk. Exposing her holes. Fingering them for my pleasure and her embarrassment. Next my belt comes off. I love thrashing her ass with my belt. Each stroke producing a moan or squeal.

Now I'd set up a small bench in the livingroom. I direct her onto it. On her knees. Ass high and exposed. She's brought implements. Good girl. I produce a juicer. Stick it in her ass and start juicing her tight hole. It's too much for me. I lube my cock and slide in to her pussy. DP. I start banging away. She fucking loves it. She nearly cums. Which is unusual during vaginal sex. But I unload in her first. Satisfied.

Up to this point was total submission. Total domination. She took it. I took it from her.

Sorry but no pics people. We were too in the zone to stop.

We retired up to the bedroom to carry on playing.

Spreader bar
Riding crop

Pussy spanking and forced orgasm. After that she was spent.

I'd planned more severe spanking after her orgasm. But unfortunately she needed to be elsewhere.

So although shorter than expected it was still a great session

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Otkkeith and myself have created a group on Fetlife titled: A LITTLE Bit of Everything. Its aimed more towards the DD lifestyle. Every dynamic is welcome to join. Just please follow the rules. Hope to see you there! ♡♡♡ :-)

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So my Daddy has ghosted for a few days and this has me concerned for a number of reasons.

I'm tired of this kind of stuff...literally, too tired to cry or be mad.

Concentrating on classes and finishing what I've got to do, but this makes it so hard. Even if I did something unknowingly, this is a shitty way to just go.

Not sure what to think or how to feel but I know I don't deserve this kind of treatment. I trusted him.

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I made a group chat on kik under the hashtag: spahnking. Those of you who use kik should definitely join. Guys & girls. We can get to know each other.

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IAM a bad girl. Have bee. For weeks . Have been dealing with alot so have been doing stupid stuff . Witch I know I shouldn't be DOING. So u think I need. My ass whooped IAM tight here. ... Do as u must...I deserve to be punished. I will take my punishment... As a submissive I will do as IAM told.... ... Sir PLEASE

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Its so bloody annoying when I send my sketch to Master, then I have to explain it, and then he says the perspective is totally wrong.
He said it is a very good sketch and liked the story, its just the desk that wasnt done as it should actually look.i was very pleased he liked the sketch or most of it.
I think it is done ok but he says it looks like the girl is lying down on the top and side of the desk. Maybe its the top of the desk that needed changing, made smaller maybe.
But when you spend hours, and I do mean hours on each sketch, and feel relitively happy with it, it is very annoying when Master critizes parts of the picture. But I know he tells me, so I can improve each one, so I am glad he tells me but God it also pisses me off too.
I still think it looks like the girl is bent over. Master said he would take a photo of me bent over so I could see what he means.
Ive looked back on past sketches and I suppose part of the sketch isnt right, which makes it even more annoying because he is right as usual.
Now I suppose I need to alter the part 4 sketch, from what ive already done. So that one isnt wrong too.
Uuurrrrrggggggg I really dont like it when Master is right.

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About to get dat nightly bedtime spanking for being a naughty boy :P who else gets those?

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Life at Sunshine Desserts was always busy but fun. Miss Rouge-balon had a very close relationship with Mr Granchick, wherever he travelled, she came along. If Mr Granchick was honest, he couldn’t do without her. They enjoyed many fun rewards, and she was the only staff member that got rewarded or punished by only him. For the first time in his life, he realised he wanted more from Miss Rouge-balon, he wanted her in his life 24/7 as his wife and his submissive. He thought she would easily agree to a DD lifestyle, maybe even being his slave.. But he wasn’t sure how her reaction would be if she found out, as it meant she would have to leave her job.

One week Miss Rouge-balon had been partying too much, her best friend was visiting, so every night they had been out. Very unusually, she came in late, stinking of alcohol, not once but three times, she had also forgotten an important meeting, embarrassing Mr Granchick. He was furious with her, but he was prepared to overlook her being late, as he knew her friend was visiting, she had put in a request for some leave, but there was too much to do at work. Missing this meeting, embarrassing him, that was too much to overlook. Plus stinking enough that other staff members mentioned it. God only knows how much alcohol she had drunk this week, and she drove her car the following morning. He was certain she would have been over the limit. This needed addressing as well.
But the main reason he wanted to meet with her was because he now had the evidence behind the photocopying of body parts. It was Miss Rouge-balon.
How did he know, the panties she was wearing for the latest picture were the panties he had bought for her and told not to wear at work. It would be unusual someone else owned a pair as they were from France. Stupidly she hadn’t realised they would catch her out.

He kept her behind after work, lectured her on her bad behaviour and how foolish he looked when she didn’t appear for this meeting. Miss Rouge-balon was very apologetic, begged forgiveness and repeatedly said she would never do it again. But Mr Granchick ordered her to bend over his desk. He had already cleared space and placed the canes on it. Miss Rouge-balon was scared, she had gone too far this week and was annoyed with herself for missing the meeting, even though at the time she was enjoying herself shopping with her friend. She thought her boss could manage without her. Even though she should have been doing a presentation, she was having fun. Until now.
She stood up and wandered to him, trying to charm him into wanting fun
instead but he stepped away and told her again to bend over. Guilt and sadness filled her then as she went to his huge desk. She couldn’t reach the edge so Mr Granchick had placed a step for her, climbing up, she clawed her way to the edge and grasped it tightly.Her bottom just reached the edge, leaving her legs dangling. Mr Granchick went to his secret cupboard, returning he knelt on the floor by her feet. One leg was stretched left, she felt a thin plastic thing go around her ankle to the desk leg, he shuffled right and repeated it on her right leg. Whilst he was there he enjoyed this sight. And what a sight it was, looking up her stockinged legs, her short skirt now almost up to her bottom, a black suspender belt with red bows on it showing, further up revealed that beautiful round, firm bottom. Covered by her panties, Oh no, wait a minute, are they the same panties that were on the photocopy. You bet your fine ass they were. He had asked her to wear them just for today, he wanted his evidence available to show her. She
had no idea. Oh he could stay here for hours just admiring her. But no, he had a job to do and she, by God was going to know it.
Mr Granchick went round his desk and sat on his massive chair, drumming his fingers together. She could easily see him now, so their eyes locking in contact.
“Now, Miss Rouge-balon, why are you now bent over my desk?” He asked. “I let you down, missing the presentation, I came in late and stunk of alcohol a few times.” She told him quietly. “HHMmmmmm what else ?”
Miss Rouge-balon looked puzzled, “I I don’t think there’s anything else Mr Granchick.” She said, her voice quivering. Mr Granchick opened a drawer, pulling out a wad of paper, suddenly it dawned on her as she saw the top sheet, a photocopy of her legs and her panties.
“I want you to be honest with me Miss Rouge-balon, are you responsible
for this body photocopying mess ? The mess we’ve discussed many times. Well ?” He demanded to know. “No Sir, I’ve told you that wasn’t me.” She stammered. “OK, so your not responsible for that but you are regarding the cock-up you’ve caused this week. I had to postpone the meeting, doing my bit but reorganised a date for your presentation. And it better be a fine one Miss. I cannot order you to avoid alcohol during the week, but I will when you have a meeting the next day. And if you ever drive here, stinking of booze again, I will personally take you to the police station for a drink driving test.” He leaned forward to look at her closer. “I promise you I will. Why ? Because I care deeply for you, and I don’t want to find out you’ve been in an accident.” “I understand Sir, I won’t drink in the week, but you do know it was only because Lyanndra was home and I miss her so much we just wanted fun. When she comes home again, I will make sure I can get leave. I promise Mr Granchick.” There was a long silence and Miss Rouge-balon felt desperately nervous, as Mr Granchick walked around, holding some scissors he cut her panties off. Making her gasp, crying out. “OK Miss Rouge-balon, I believe you, but I’m holding you to that. But BUT these DO NOT LIE.” He flung her panties on the desk.
“ I…..I don’t understand, you bought me those panties, why would you cut them away like that. You told me to wear them.” She cried, tears flowing. “Yes I told you to wear them, see, the way these are cut is very unique with special lacing around the edge.” He picked up the photocopy showing her wearing them. “See here Miss Rouge-balon, these are your panties, aren’t they ? Answer me.” Tears cascaded down her face as he swung his hand and walloped her bottom so hard she knocked
her chin on the desk. Another slap, then another. “Yes, Yes it was me, all of it, all those photocopies are of me. I thought it was funny, then when no one found out, I just carried on, for months. I’m sorry Sir.”
Mr Granchick’s cock stiffened, hearing her saying Sir, it kinda
slipped off her tongue so sexily. He sat down again.
“Finally, I had my suspicions but had no proof, wearing these gave you
away. I’m terribly disappointed in you. Everyone has been punished for this and you still didn’t own up. It’s disgraceful and unacceptable.” “I know, really I know and I’m really, really sorry. Please forgive me.” She begged. “Oh that will take time, tonight you will be punished severely. On Monday I will arrange a staff meeting for all our department, and you will tell them the truth. I will leave it up to each team leader, if they wish to punish you, I will allow it. Normally as you know, nobody is allowed to spank that fine ass, but you caused a huge issue and it will not happen again.” He told her sternly. “Please, don’t do that, you punish me as severely as you want, but not that.” She begged some more. “Oh I intend to punish you very severely, you won’t sit down for a week. I want you to stay at mine this weekend, so your discipline will continue, but you will own up to everyone. Do you agree ? Well! I promise it will be much much worse if you don’t.” He told her. “But you want me to stay at yours for the entire weekend, we are not allowed to socialise like that. Are you firing me ?” Her eyes bulged. “No I’m not firing you, I want you as my sex slave. I want to discipline you every way I know how. Then maybe you will be allowed some fun. Rewards earn privileges, as you know.” He told her. “But it’s not allowed to have any relationship.” She said confused. “Have you forgotten who owns this company, I can do whatever I like.If I want you as my sex slave at home I can, if I wanted you as my wife or partner I could, both spouses working in the same company is not breaking the rules, just no one has ever asked. The non-disclosure agreement would continue. What do you think ?” He told her. “I..I don’t understand, Sir. Are you asking me to be with you outside of work, as...as your girlfriend ?” She stumbled, her head confused. “Yes….yes Miss Rouge-balon, I am. You and I both know we have a strong connection, not just sexually. I know
it could work. You act the perfect submissive, and I want you, no one else to ever touch you, I want to own you, I want to be your Master, and you to be my slave. But first your punishment.” He said getting up again. “No wait, please. Yes it’s what I want,I’ve wanted it for months, but I felt it couldn’t work coz I love my job, but I was...am falling in love with you too. I didn’t think I could have both.” She looked so beautiful, tear stained cheeks, eyes still filled with tears, her nose running, yet the biggest smile beamed off her face. “I was thinking the same for a long time, well I didn’t want you to leave so I kept my feelings hidden. Now, I just can’t, I did speak to my attorney, I had to ensure the company was covered, and if this happened with other staff members then we had to allow it. Once he said it would work, I knew it really could. I’m not sure I could not have you working for me but not be there at home too.” They stared deep into each other's eyes for a long time, Miss Rouge-balon broke the stare, looking down she said “Then punish me Sir and take me home.”

He didn’t need asking twice.

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i am a huge fan of roleplaying and making erotica out of it. I do roleplays all the time on Omegle and such. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing these roleplays and reading them if i were to post them on here. Leave a comment if that is something you guys would like

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Hi everyone , my friends here, just so u know I am getting my spanking tonight.p pictures will be posted tomorrow.

ATP Studios C4S