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Views: 121 · Added: 17 hours ago

Not been on here nearly as much as I used to be or would like to be
That will hopefully all change again when I'm back in my normal routine
What a laugh - normal !!
Since unleashing the spanko in me life has been anything but normal.

Ok this blog today is simply to nudge you lovely people to read blogs and comment more - just a small for instant
Firestarter wrote a great wee blog about 6 or so down from this one and I'm the only one to comment on it
Come on peeps
If we want to keep talent here let's acknowledge it

Love hugs and of course red bottoms to all who want

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Views: 88 · Added: 1 days ago

I was just writing a new poem, when I got too tired to finish . That is why I had the idea to blog the beginning of it. You cann complete it just as you like - with or without happy-end.

Good night. :-)


Deep inside no man's land

there is a standing dead tree

who left this world offhand

cursed by an old banshee


Many a man wanted it requicken

But the curse took their lives as well

because the banshee was grief-stricken

For the men sound the death knell

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Views: 165 · Added: 1 days ago

Hello Everyone...

Kind of miss this place a bit, but as you all know I graduated on the 8th of June, and started grad school on the 30th of June. I didn’t want to wait too long, b4 I went back, because I just want to get it all over with yanno...

I currently do not have a Daddy or a Mentor, so I will have to put my Spanking needs on the back-burner until I can find someone suitable too handle the challenge. Also I am no longer working 7 days a week, so that gives me a little time, to fulfill some of my own personal needs, like rest, exercise, travel, and seeking out new opportunities in my career goals.

I did have a video I made like a month ago to upload, but I really didn’t like it too much, because I felt it could have been better, and I don’t think I want to post any more videos until I get in a committed DD relationship, with someone who really understands what that is, until then..I can wait and do without the some timey bullshit. I have made some bad choices in regards to a few things in my dd life, but I do know what to do to make things right. I think my issue is I have trust issues, and a short tolerance for disappointments, lies, in-consistency, excuses, ill communication, and people that try to control me without looking at the things they have to changeabout themselves first...

But you cannot change anyone, that does not see the wrong in their actions. With that being said, all the bullshit mis-treatment is dead. Maybe I won’t have a dd relationship for a while, but if that’s how it has to be, let it be that then. I had to do a little spankingtube house cleaning today, because there’s an imposter on board, so until I find out who it is I just cannot accept any more ads for now….sorry guys. That kind of shit pisses me off, but that’s the only way I know how to weed out the haters.

Also since I’m free now, I guess I will utilize this time, to either meet or greet with new spankos, and possibly make some vids with some new spankos as well. Life has really been putting some obstacles in my way, but I keep moving beyond them. I really am hurt because I feel like I suffered a loss, but I am optimistic about new beginnings. Its always the people you hold dear to your heart, that hurt you the most.

For a longtime, I tried to hold on to things and people in my life, who were not making me happy, but I finally woke-up and realized, nobody is worth my mental and physical health, and if they see they are hurting you, and continue to do that, they never cared about your best interests anyway.

It's sad because I know this is only the beginning of my pain, it just aint hit me yet, because I am trying not to let it....idk if any of you have ever felt this way?

I just refuse to shed tears for people that hurt me. life goes on n is wat u make it, so indeed....its time I start living. I plan to take myself on a mini vacation real soon, by myself because I need some me time. my mom does it every year. She goes to a different destination. My stay in the house game is strong, that's why it irritates me when people do me bogus, because for the most part, I am a good-girl, until I feel you crossed me, in some type of way!

I hope everyone is doing fine, because I miss you guys, and the days when my dd life, was evolving. Even though it is at a standstill right now, I will always practice the dd lifestyle, because I am a true spanko, and I will remain a SpanKo4Life! Goodnight yawl….xoxoxo

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Views: 138 · Added: 1 days ago

We are often asked about our age and if we have children, and if so, are they older, and are any still living at home, and if so, how does Daila manage to find time to manage my behavior and keep me under her dominant thumb.

I thought this was a good time to talk about this subject because it might help some folks find ways to deal with these issues in their own lives and living situations.

First of all, Daila is 11 years younger than I am. She did come into our relationship with two children, as did I. Our children from those previous relationships were older and are now all living on their own except for her 18 year old daughter who just very recently moved in with us so she can attend college locally. The two of us also decided to have a child together and he is now 4 years old. It probably sounds complicated to most of you but we are still managing to live our lifestyle right around everything that is going on in our lives.

This is how we are doing it:

Daila has started keeping a note pad with her notes about my behavior and other issues throughout the day. At night when we get ready for bed if there is anything I must be punished for then it is taken care of then. Both of the kids sleep like complete rocks and our house it built with a split floor plan so they are both on the other side of the house from our bedroom. If something is bad enough that I have to be dealt with during the day, Daila has taken to using a cane or switches which are considerably much quieter. If she thinks she will need more privacy then she tells her daughter that we need some time to talk and asks her to take our 4 year old for a nice long walk. The two of them are usually gone about 40 minutes or so when they go on walks so Daila waits until they clear the edge of the yard and starts working on me for the next half an hour or so. Before Daila’s daughter came to live with us Daila would just wait until our son was down for a nap. Once he was good and asleep I was hustled off to our room with the door shut and my pants around my ankles.

Daila has also been looking for someplace remote that she can use as a go to place in the car, where she can take me for a good uninterrupted ass beating. We used to have a place like that where we used to live but it has not be easy to find something nearby where we live now. I know it is only a matter of time though before she finds just the right spot. I really hate getting spanked outside too. I always feel like someone might be watching...and they very well could be, but Daila does not seem too phased by that idea...after all, I am the one that is stripped bare and then paddled or strapped like a child right out in the open...not her. And yes, she does have plans to film one of those punishments when she finds the right place to do it.

Well, I hope this clears some things up for everyone, and maybe even helps you with some ideas for your own situations. We both like being able to share information and help others.


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Views: 229 · Added: 2 days ago

In the beginning, I was strictly a Top, though I must confess, the thought of being spanked was hidden way on the back burner, until the internet came along. I uploaded 104 front and back covers from "The Ledagram" a vintage magazine published by the pioneers in spanking magazines and movies - Nu West Leda - a site that really opened my eyes to fetish play beyond MF spankings. All true spankos should visit their website
I do wish they would return to providing video samples, the website does not really do the content justice, and is probably hindering sales. I only say that as it is really one of my favorite sources of spanking erotic, doing business since before the digital age. Oh yeah, of the 104, I picked these thee because, the first one I saw as just the photo, and the name of the photo was adel.jpg and I thought the woman's name as Adel until I found Leda - the second cover is a still shot from the first extended play FM spanking video I saw OTK1.avi he is spanked by at least 5 women and the third cover, well it does have ultra hot switch spanko Jennifer Brooks dishing it out to the always erect David :)

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Views: 140 · Added: 2 days ago

A woman's hind quarters is a very beautiful part of her! I saw a lady today with such a full beautiful bottom filling out her jeans. I had to go on the Internet when I got home and enjoy some beautiful female large size bottoms. I know I should receive a good over the knee spanking for doing that but I could not help myself. Ladies your bottoms are beautiful!

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Views: 163 · Added: 2 days ago

Twisting and turning on the bed.
Shades of red fill her head.
Pillow under her head, but not for long.
Below her hips is were it will belong.
Atop the nightstand the belt mocks in silence.
Upon the morrow she'll feel it's violence.
Turning over she seeks solace from her lover.
Her hands searching, finding his under the cover.
Timidly her fingers trace the hand that will help her learn.
Warm and inviting, yet capable of creating an awful burn.
Rolling over, his arms engulf her, his hand cradling a breast.
She drifts off to sleep as she spoons against his chest.
Morning comes all too soon, she hears the scraping of a chair.
Dragged to the center of the room, soon she'll be bare.
That uneasy feeling starts deep down in her gut.
Soon she will release the tears needed to escape her rut.
She cannot bare to watch her panties lowered to the floor.
She knows it will be his hand and belt, maybe more.
Suddenly falling and falling she never makes it to his lap.
Awakening from her dream, her bum has never known a slap.
Ashamed and embarrassed, she longs to share with him her desire.
The need to ache, to feel his hand ignite a lasting fire.

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Views: 170 · Added: 2 days ago

Available for REAL disciplinary services ranging from beginner to extreme. If local to Akron Ohio and interested, please feel free to contact me.

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Views: 188 · Added: 2 days ago

The vet said I'd know when it was time.

I'd been concerned about OC, my orange tabby, for some time now. He was at least 17 and probably closer to 18. He was a street cat one of Julie's friends took in, and the vet said he was about two when we got him near the end of 2000. So his age was starting to catch up with him. It had been years since he'd tried to dart out an open door so he could go catting around.

He started having health challenges a couple of years ago, and they got worse as he aged. In recent weeks, he'd grown unable to tolerate even the canned catfood he'd been eating since losing some teeth and becoming unable to manage kibble, and I'd begun feeding him babyfood. The vet said not to worry as long as he was still getting around and didn't seem to be in obvious pain. He said I'd know. And he was right.

Yesterday morning OC couldn't get up. At first I thought he was having convulsions, flopping on the floor, but then I could see he was just trying to get up. His body was no longer cooperating. After lying there for five or ten minutes, he finally managed to get his feet under him and move about a bit, but it was only with great difficulty.

It was time.

I woke my roommate and she drove me to the vet. I cradled him in my arms until we pulled into the parking lot, then we put him in the carrier. As usual, he hated being in the carrier until we got into the exam room, then he didn't want to come out.

They gave him a sedative and we got to pet him and talk to him while they put the IV in his back leg, then listened with a stethoscope until his heart stopped.

They'll have him cremated for me, and return his ashes for burial near the graves of our other kitties in the backyard. I'm glad they offered cremation - I don't know that I'm up to digging a hole big enough for his body.

He was a good boy, and helped me through a tough time where I'm not sure if I'd have made it without him. I'm going to miss him bigtime. RIP, buddy.

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Views: 342 · Added: 3 days ago

If I showed you my teardrops,
would you collect them like rain.
Store them in jars,
that are labbelled " Pain ".
Would you follow their tracks,
from my eyes down my cheeks.
As they write the stories,
of which I prefer not to speak.
Would you stop them with kisses,
bring their flow to an halt.
As you teach me that pain,
is not always my fault.
Would you hold my face gently,
as you dry both my eyes.
And whisper the words,
" you're entitled to cry ".
If I showed you my teardrops,
would you show me your own.
And learn now you're lonely,
you will never stand alone.


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Views: 180 · Added: 3 days ago

We already have several of our Spanking Tube friends joining us on our Fetlife page. We will always have our pics and full length videos here, but if you want to get to know us even better please come and see us at DailaSpanksRyder on FetLife. We will have pics, notes and stories there that will not be posted here because of the non-spanking nature of some of my punishments.

So if you want to get to know the full story behind Daila and I, and my submission to her, come and see us there on FetLife.


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Views: 147 · Added: 3 days ago

i had thought i lucked in right in front of the door.well not to be so. Then getting ratted out in a room full of experianced pro dommes did not make things more i was running errons for them.ow i got chewed on .dcades of driving never a parkng ticket little miss lupe she said come with me i said ok. So i did we went to the medical room i thought she wanted to chew me in private. So
Oo she chewed and it was the fastest i had ever had a belt removed from my body i felt the heat it started in 10 minute cycles like a ride at an amusment park but to know availe i am un brake ableui

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Views: 201 · Added: 4 days ago

Im located in the DFW area of tx im looking for mentor/spanker to help with my goals and genreal disipline.

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Views: 246 · Added: 4 days ago

She's amazing. Admits that the news was "quite a shock". Continues to be her teasing, joking self on Facebook. Continues to be her warm chatty self on the phone. Is busy with her will, ownership of her house, and making her Do Not Resuscitate order. I'll be there in the flesh next weekend, when we can hang out and I can help her with different things. Did I say how much I hate cigarettes?

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Views: 151 · Added: 4 days ago

Yesterday, I told my partner about the pinned down spanking position, involving one of my legs is pinned between his. We tried it and I had him spank me relentless with his hand. I was bruised toward the end and afterward he wrote his name on my ass with a black marker, which made it sting even more. It hurt to both walk and sit down, which made working that night even more interesting. :P

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Views: 252 · Added: 4 days ago

One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, WHACK!
Five, six, seven o’clock, eight o'clock, WHACK!
Nine, ten, eleven o'clock, twelve o’clock, WHACK!
We’re going to whack around the clock tonight.

When the clock strikes two, three and four,
If the whacks slow down we'll yell for more,
We're gonna whack around the clock tonight.
We're gonna whack, whack, whack, till broad daylight,
We're gonna whack, gonna whack around the clock tonight.

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Views: 187 · Added: 4 days ago

Hi again Folks,

I recently made a big fuss when I discovered that so called ‘private’ videos are still accessible to anyone if they are using a link posted elsewhere i.e. they are accessible to people who are not even on this site despite being marked 'private'. I therefore feel as though I’ve lost some credibility by posting another video when nothing has changed as far as I’m aware.

The urge to upload a new video was too strong. I had the intention of keeping it private. But then of course I briefly made it public! Oh well, I’ll see how it goes. At least I’ve put a copyright reminder on this one.

I'd like all of you who posted comments on the previous videos to know that they are not lost forever. They may not be here anymore but I did take screen shots as a reminder of your kindness before I deleted the clips.

Enjoy the new film. As you’ll see my bum still hadn’t fully recovered from ‘Prime Numbers’ 2 weeks ago.



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Views: 188 · Added: 4 days ago

Today is a good day, just bought ginger roots, big ones! :-) Poor girl :-)

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Views: 208 · Added: 5 days ago

"Seven-year itch" can mean something other than restlessness in marriage. I received my only adult spanking seven years ago today, an experience I relish but to which I have been unable to arrange a sequel.

Mistress Blue was a kind woman, but uncondescending, and liberated enough not to let my physical disability deter her from administering what was, after all, a consensual beating. She undressed me without ceremony and helped me get into position across her lap. I lay over her lap on my back, she held me in place while I rolled over, then she pulled my arms out from beneath my body. Her lap was a comfortable place to settle into, and if I had been a cat I might have purred.

I had asked her not to put a glove on her spanking hand, because I didn't want anything to come between us, I wanted to feel the full sensation of her flesh against mine when her hand struck me. We agreed we'd take short breaks when her hand needed a rest.

Once I was in position, Mistress Blue first gave me a test swat and asked me to rate its severity from 1 to 10 so she could gauge how hard to spank me. It may have been a test, but I felt it all right. I told her 4, because I wanted to skew my spanking up the harshness ladder.

Even so, even though I sought a hard spanking, what shocked me a little when Mistress Blue started spanking me for real--and this will seem silly--was that a blow from her hand HURT. There was burning, there was pain, and there was a crescendo of rising burning and pain. But I hadn't traveled to her apartment and contributed to her next month's rent to shrink away from this and ask her to ease up. Besides, the ride on her lap was a joy, and the rhythm of her ass slaps was hypnotic. Soon enough, her hand needed a rest, so I didn't have to ask for relief.

During our interludes, I sat next to Mistress Blue on the sofa where she was spanking me. She let me lean in and held me in her arms, which were warm and tender and strong; she let my lips seek hers and we kissed some. Then it was back over her lap for more spanking, and the crescendo toward the unbearable began again.

After a few rounds of spanking and cuddling and spanking again, my spanking was over. I had some bruising on my bottom, I found out later, but I felt relaxed and exhilarated. No feelings of humiliation, no feeling that I had SUBMITTED to a superior force. No, it felt like Mistress Blue had TRANSFERRED some of her power to me. I told her that a spanking from her was like getting what was missing from a good massage. This is a tricky thing: to crave a real beating, not from someone who is brutal, but from a tenderhearted woman who is exercising dominion from a place of kindness.

Mistress Blue met my craving in a generous and satisfying way, but seven years later, I have a few regrets. That is why, with Blue having moved on and with me not knowing how to contact her, I seek a woman to be her successor.

Regret 1: I don't have eyes in the back of my head, so I didn't get to see the lovely arc of her strong arm as she was raining blows on my ass. I loved being settled deep in her lap, but I wish we had done one round of my spanking with me in diaper position so I could have savored the sight, as well as touch and sound, of my spanking.

Regret 2: When Mistress Blue did her test swat, I wished I had rated it 2 or 3 instead of 4. That would have made my spanking harder.

Regret 3: When the crescendo of burning and pain began to reach what I thought was my limit, I wish that, instead of silently hoping that Mistress Blue would be ready to take a break soon, I had asked her to pick up the tempo and spank me even harder. Beyond pain lies...what? I don't know yet.

Zack Quiller
Arcata, California

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Views: 203 · Added: 6 days ago

We have posted a new video clip from Bond's 4th of July Punishment. This is Part 1 and a second will be posted later tonight that includes a little Strapon action. We will put up some vidcaps too.
Bond's 4th of July Whipping Part One! This is a Clip of Bond bound to the Sling Chair and receiving a dose of the Dual-tailed Whip, Razor strap, Switch, Cane & Bath Brush. The full video is about 30 minutes long and will be posted to spankinglibrary later tonight as well.
Hope you all enjoy it!

Lady M & Bond

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