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Today I am missing church because my leg and back hurt. I know if I had catch the bus to church my back would hurt more from all the pot holes that the bus will hit. I really pissed at my body right now. Really wish i could get a body transplant.

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Been a while since I travelled to the bright lights of the big city but I'll be doing that soon. Once there I'll be meeting up with a lady with a pale bottom, a situation I intend to rectify very quickly!
Itll be great to spend some quality time in a hotel and be able to spank and strap whenever the mood takes us.
I'm really, really, REALLY looking forward to it.
Hope you all have a spanking good weekend.

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As far back as I can remember, I have had an interest of some sort or another with spanking. I have gone through phases in my life where I enjoyed being submissive, and other times when I enjoyed being dominant. As a kid I spent time engaging the next door neighbor girls in playing house. I would enjoy being the little kid in the house and I would usualIy, at some point start bratting out so that one of the girls playing the roll of “mommy” would have to take me over her knee. But there was also this other group of 3 girls that always trolled the neighborhood. They were bigger than I was at the time and on a couple of occasions they had grabbed me when I was out of ear shot of my parents. They dragged me into this small wooded area that was encircled in bushes. They took me to a clearing just inside of the circle of trees and two of them held my arms while the other pulled my pants down to my ankles. The one that pulled my pants down would then sit on a stump in the middle of the clearing while the other two would force me over her lap. The three of them would take turns spanking my ass for a several minutes and then they would up and run off. To this day I still fantasize about those couple of encounters. Back then it was terrifying and humiliating at the very least. But after the pain was gone from my stinging ass I would get a warm feeling in my chest while I relived the events in my mind.

Later on in life I spent several years going to spanking parties as a switch, but I found out that switches tend to not get much dominant play at parties. In fact, when I first started attending functions with a major spanking group in my home town, the elder members hooked me up right away with a female dominant that had also been in the scene with them for a long time. She taught me how to really relax and enjoy myself in the submissive roll, but I still topped from time to time.

When I first found Daila she liked to play the roll of submissive, and I thoroughly enjoyed spanking her beautiful bottom. As time went on she eventually asked if she could spank me at some point. I agreed because I was still a submissive at heart and was in need of a little submissive play. But I think it unleashed something in Daila to get that chance to redden my ass the first time. She seemed to really find herself and completely got into watching me squirm kick and whimper when she smacked me with a paddle.

Back in December of last year she finally came to me with a proposal that we live our lives in a 24/7 Domestic Discipline relationship with her as the head of the household. After she had researched it for a while and I had taken the time to read all about what this entailed, I finally agreed and turned myself over to her authority. We made a verbal contract that I would allow her to decide if and when I would receive any kind of punishments. She would determine how much I would get, and for what types of situations. Basically the way she likes to handle it is that she just does what feels good to her at the time.

From that point on, however, the spankings have gone from the fun tappy slappy kind of play, to complete punishment and discipline. I now have a bit of a love, hate relationship with spankings and punishment. It is always fun to think about them as the time draws near and I get that warm feeling in my chest in anticipation, but at the same time I am somewhat dreading the fact that she is going to have me wanting to crawl out of my skin from the pain. Of course, once it is all over and I am coming down from the endorphins and adrenaline, I once again find that beautiful sub space that we all live for. It chills me out and makes me a much calmer and easy going person for a while. Occasionally Daila will give me a spanking before important events or at times when she knows I am stressing. It also works wonders when I have had a bad day, or if I wake up in an argumentative mood.

The result is a lot less arguing and fussing in our house. It has drawn us closer as a couple and we end up being in the mood for sex a lot more often. I have lost over 21 pounds, I have stopped bitting my nails, I have slowed down my driving, and I am more helpful around the house. I am slao in the process of learning several other new behaviors that are making life easier for my wife and better for me in general. She is happier, and when she is happy, the house is happy. I would not give this up for anything.

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Views: 148 · Added: 1 days ago

Thats the photos uploaded now
Quite an ordeal as I'm abroad at the moment with no real wifi
So took them from camera onto mac and then logged into mac via a personal hotspot
Photos had to be screen shot as the originals were too large
And no cheeky comments about the size of my ass please!
They are in a messed up order so if anyone knows how to change this easily please give me a shout
Otherwise I really really hope you enjoy them.

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Why would someone add you as a friend, and then block you from posting a thank you msg. on their wall, or sending them a thank you msg.?

All very Twitterish methinks!

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Views: 93 · Added: 1 days ago

Over the knee, lay me on the bed an spank me with a belt, switch or wire hanger. Or bend me over a paddle me. But is there some humiliating you would want me to do you and/or to me?

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About to have the place to ourselves and think my ass is going to see some action.
Bought some gorgeous new lingerie from a little boutique store yesterday so hubby in for a treat
Might even take some pics and share with you lovely lot.

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I folded him a nifty little glider wing.
He chuckled as it sailed across the room.
I folded him a paddle from a dollar bill.
He understood and offered me a kinky thrill.
An origami paddle packs a phantom sting.
I buckled as his rubber one went boom!

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Views: 199 · Added: 2 days ago

For as long as I can remember I have been intrigued with spanking. It was in stories I read in books and in movies and on TV and I was hooked every time... As I became older and started to date girls I would secretly wish they were into it as well, but I just didn't know how to bring it up and if I did what if they weren't? It seems laughable now, but at a young age the last thing you want is all your friends in high school to know you asked your girlfriend if she wanted to be spanked!

High school passes and it's off to college. I end up dating someone from work and after a few months we moved in together. Life is great- we're young, making money and partying every chance we get. It wasn't until we moved in together that I realize this girl is late for absolutely everything. At one point when we had to share a car for a while, I was late to work almost every day waiting on her for one thing or another. This really bothered me because I was raised that if you aren't five minutes early you're five minutes late. I would scold her half serious half joking threatening that if she didn't get it together I was going to spank her.

This goes on for several more weeks and we have a wedding rehearsal to attend so I warned her we absolutely could not be late to this. The night of the event I get dressed and ready first and tell her I'll be downstairs ready to go. A half hour turns into almost and hour and I go upstairs to check on her and find her sitting in bed on the phone laughing with one of her friends. I tell her we're already cutting it close and we need to hurry up. 'Okay' she says and heads into the bathroom and continues getting ready. Twenty minutes pass and when I return I find her back on her phone and still not dressed. At this point I take her phone and tell her we are leaving in five minutes no exceptions. Twenty minutes come and go and it's clear we are going to be that couple that shows up late and makes a scene. I'm at my limit. When the Princess finally decided to finish up and come downstairs she breezes past me (careful to avoid my disapproving stare) and gives a casual "Hurry up let's go." as if I had been holding us up the whole time. She is wearing a short red dress with heels and matching handbag. I wanted to be mad but she really did look amazing. My mind was made up this was the last straw. Moment of truth...

I walk over to the door and as she opens it, I reach over her shoulder and close it without saying a word. She turns around with a puzzled look on her face and says "I thought we were leaving?" to which I replied "We aren't quite ready to go, I think it's time we had a little chat..." I took her by the hand and headed straight into the dining room, pulled a chair out and and seated myself. I explained that I had given countless warnings which went unheeded and it was time I did something that would get through to her. I pulled her across my lap, lifted up the back of her skirt and proceeded to give her the first of many spankings to come... I told her that when I set a time to go, it means that time exactly and not a minute after. At first she wanted to kick and squirm but after it became clear I wasn't about to relent she held still and took it like a big girl. I let her up and held her for a moment, kissed her on her forehead and asked her to look up at me. I told her I didn't want this to ever be an issue again, we were back on good terms and I was no longer upset with her.

The ride to dinner was silent. We were both deep in thought (at least I was) and neither of us spoke for several minutes until we arrived. We parked and on the walk in she stopped me and said, "About what happened back at the house... I think I might need a little more when we get home." It was a perfect fit!

After that experience I knew that this was something that I wanted in my life forever. Almost ten years later and it's just as exciting as the first time...

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Today was one of those days that don't come along often in life, and for me, that is a very good thing. I was triggered at work by a past trauma that caused me to get publicly emotional. I am very good at putting on a happy face, providing comic relief, and being the overall good natured co-worker that everyone thinks is on some sort of mood enhancing drugs. I did not care for people to see the mask come off. Anyway, it also caused me to have an introspective day...another type of day I immensely dislike. When I take a hard look at my life, I am forced to admit that I am not happy in two main areas. I am not going to bore you with the specifics, but these two areas could be changed if I were brave enough to trade in the known (which leaves much to be desired) for the unknown (which I fear could be even worse.) I don't think I have the strength to risk being unhappier. I am not sure I could survive it to be honest.Don't get me wrong though, I am grateful for many aspects of my life. I do recognize all that I have and I do take time to acknowledge those things and those people. I just feel incomplete, and the road to completeness does not have a guaranteed happy ending. Therein lies all of my fears. Well, I guess I am missing the whole point of being introspective by talking this out with all of you. Does that mean I am being extrospective right now? Makes my head hurt.

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Views: 141 · Added: 2 days ago

Daila and I got an email from a friend and viewer that mentioned she had a particular set of music that she called her spanking music and she played this music while she exercised.

This got me to thinking about the spanking parties I used to attend a few years back now and how they enjoyed playing music at the parties that hinted at S&M or spanking. Songs like “Hurts so Good” by john Mellencamp or “Whip Appeal” by Babyface.

I personally used to enjoy spanking to electronica music from groups such as Delerium, Enigma, Enya and a host of others like them, however, when being spanked I preferred industrial or hard rock by groups such as White Zombie, Marilyn Manson, or Korn. I am not sure why I liked those particular types of music depending on my position in the situation, but I know I felt stronger when playing the electronica and I felt more submissive when hearing the hard stuff. I think the way our brains work is cool and strange all at the same time.

So tell me about your music and your you like to play to music? It would also be nice to continue adding to my list of songs with words about S&M in them...If you know one please post the name and artist so we can all enjoy.

Daila And Ryder

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Switchie and I made a quick stop at a wonderful bakery after work. Everything looked so gorgeous and smelled even better. While shopping around he grabbed a couple of sandwiches for us, they looked so fresh and inviting. I was holding boxes of goodies and on my way to stand in the queue when he offered me my sandwich and I told him to hold on to it till I paid. Next thing I know when I asked him for it he insisted that he had already given it to me, and to make matters worse he raised his voice in front of everyone in the busy bakery, I was mortified. Soon after his deafening response he realised that in his excitement he had eaten both sandwiches!!!

We drove home in silence and as soon as we walked through the door I went straight to the kitchen to put down the shopping , opened the drawer, took the big wooden spoon out and walked ever so calmly back into the living room where he was sitting.

Now we have large sliding glass doors that look out onto a patio, where passers by can look right into the house, but that didn't stop me.

I sat down next to him and whispered in his ear "did you raise your voice in public?". "No" came his blunt response. I took him firmly by his ear and pulled him over my lap and started spanking his bottom, his legs waving in the air. "Did you raise your voice in public?" I asked once more. "No" came the reply. I slipped my hand under him and undid his buttons, slipped his shorts down and smacked him with the wooden spoon over his white undies, legs still waving around. "Did you raise your voice in public?"

"No" he whimpered this time, I knew right then we were getting somewhere, he was getting the message."Someone might see us" he said. I pushed him back down, "If you didn't want people to see, you would have behaved in the first place!" I told him.

I gently pulled his undies down revealing a bright red, bare tooshy just screaming to be spanked. I continued spanking him with my hand telling him what an awful, bad boy he had been. I spanked his bum until I could see it turn deep red and then I gave him 10 hard smacks with the wooden spoon. This time when I asked him "did you raise your voice in public?" His answer was "yes, I'm so sorry, I won't ever do that again". I rubbed his warm, red bum to show him that his reply was the right one and gave his red cheeks a kiss. "You're going to be my good boy" -"yes" he sniffed.

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By the Sea, By the Sea with Rosie

Definitely time for a change, away from tax forms, the mundane and all things irritating. Let's go to the sea, so young and vibrant as described by Carl Sandburg in Chicago Poems, 1916.

THE SEA is never still.
It pounds on the shore
Restless as a young heart,

The sea speaks 5
And only the stormy hearts
Know what it says:
It is the face
of a rough mother speaking.

The sea is young. 10
One storm cleans all the hoar
And loosens the age of it.
I hear it laughing, reckless.

They love the sea,
Men who ride on it 15
And know they will die
Under the salt of it

Let only the young come,
Says the sea.

Let them kiss my face 20
And hear me.
I am the last word
And I tell
Where storms and stars come from.

We'll turn to the sea, all of us, bask in the sun, take in the fresh air and sights and sounds of the ocean. It will do us all some good. Full screen you just can't beat it.

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I just bought myself a nice thick rubber anal vibrator. My partner grabbed it and said she wanted to try it before it had been up my bum. She had me kneel, naked in front of the table and tied my hands behind my back. She sat on the edge of the table and worked the humming monster over her panties. Down came her panties and she told me to lick her. Her sex sucked in that big rubber monster until I saw her cunt twitch. She slid it out and my face was instantly wet with cunt juice. Then she relaxed her muscles and I tasted her pee on my tongue.

She caught her breath and smiled "Now it's your turn. Lick it clean, bend over the table and get your bum hole up in the air". It was so much sexier having it trust up me knowing it had just been deep in her sex.

Her crop bit into the fleshy part of my bum and after every ten stokes she turned the vibrator up to a higher setting and watched me squirm for a few minutes. After 30 lashes I was begging for mercy - my bum was so bruised that I shrieked and thrashed about under each new blow. But the vibrator had three more settings still to go.

At the end of the thrashing I was left sobbing with the vibrator still burning my poor 'brown star' I had no idea that she had a final bum hole torture and humiliation in store. Can you guess what she did next?

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i got a very very hard discipline session.
i received tawse straight away without warm up. Nippy as hell.
over the knee hand and wooden hairbrush.
i did cry when getting the brush. I dont mind paddle brush but wooden one is a very harsh beastie.
we took video of the session and hope to post sometime soon.
will put pics up later on when i have received them and a couple i took of the before the meet and about an hr and half after it.
my bum is stinging and tender at mo.

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Well so far I have lost 21 pounds on my diet. But this is no regular everyday diet. Of course not, I live with nothing goes without a good long spanking...diets included. Daila strongly believes that the way to get a man’s attention to bring about change is through the skin on his ass. As much as I like to argue the counter point, I cannot deny the results that I see in myself when she gets a dose of her brand of punishment behind a project.

So back in January Daila and I sat down to discuss what we could do to get my weight down. I had tried some of the diets out there and nothing was working. I would either loose the weight and put it right back on, or I would not be able to stay with a regimen and just generally get frustrated with the entire situation. But the doctor kept hinting that I needed to loose weight.

After analyzing my previous diet failures we looked at a couple of things. First off, most diets have you setting lofty goals. In that case even when you work really hard, you can still not meet your goals and that is just disappointing. Another issue with diets is that many of them take all the fun out of life. Many people stay on them with the goal in mind and stay at the diet with a “Light at the end of the tunnel” mindset. The diet may have you completely quitting sugar, or only eating meat, etc, etc. I watch people do it all the time...they say they are starting some crazy diet and they make it for a month or two at the most. Those that don’t crap out on their diets end up meeting their goal, but they never intended on living the rest of their life not eating sugar or bread so they go off their diet after attaining the goal and at the same time they go right back to exactly what they had been doing...which is why they were overweight in the first place. So with this in mind Daila and I composed a diet that would have me still eating the same old garbage I had always eaten...just a little bit less. The second half of that would be to work in some extra exercise to my daily routine. But exercise is the same as dieting. No one really has time to go to the they force themselves to go until they meet their goal and then they scale back or quit entirely and end up back at the weight they were. I did not want to add anything to my daily routine that would not be realistic given my hectic schedule. We found two things that could be added to my day without going out of the way to get to it. One was for me to stop taking the elevator at work. I am on the third floor of our building. I have to go up and down a minimum of 6 times every day. Some days more, and some less. Daila told me that I was to start reporting to her if I was using the stairs and how many times a day I went up and down them. She requires me to go at least the 6 that I usually have to anyway. I get good boy points if I force myself to take the stairs an extra time or two whether or not I need to for my job. I get a long paddling if I do not go at least the 6 times. In addition, she has me spend some time listening to music in the evening and dancing to the music to the point that I get winded and then I can quit. elevator at work, and at least 6 trips up and down the stairs per day. Dance for 2 songs worth of high energy music at night, Start eating just a little bit less of the junk that I normally eat, but not enough of a difference to where it is noticeable to my stomach...and thats it. To set a goal I just made this simple requirement of myself. Every Friday I will weigh myself on the bathroom scales first thing in the morning. If from Friday to Friday I at least come in a tenth of a pound lower than I was the week before then it is considered a victory. And trust me, this is a big enough goal the way I am doing it because it can add up fast. If I miss a goal one week then I have to loose at least 2 tenths the next week to keep up. And this is where the sinister trademark Daila Douleur punishment comes into the diet plan. If I do not meet goal then I am issued a quite twisted punishment that seriously has me in fear of not meeting my goal.

Daila had to let me know what this punishment was going to be like in order for me to hate it so bad. So a few days before I was to start my new diet she called me into the bedroom and had me pull my pants down to my knees. I was bent over to grab my ankles and she shoved a large piece of ginger root into my ass hole. I don’t know where she got if from, but it was bigger than any I had seen and it was terribly potent. My ass began stinging in seconds. To make things worse she began pulling and pushing on the ginger root to give me a really treacherous ass fucking with it. This went on for about 5 minutes and then she told me to pull my pants back up with the root firmly shoved in to the hilt. Once I had my underwear on she pulled them up the crack of my ass wedgie style to help the root stay in place. When my pants were all completely back in place I was told that I would have to jog around the block 3 times (The equivalent of about a mile) with the root in my ass. It felt like the fucking never stopped. I got back to the house winded and with my sphincter red hot and soar. She was waiting for me and called me directly to the bedroom to strip down. She took out the ginger root and promptly replaced it with a fresh one and once again fucked me hard with it for several minutes. Next I was paddled and switched in several positions and for a very long time. By the time she was done my blisters had blisters. But that was not the worst part of it. She then had me get up on my knees on the bed and made me reach back and spread my own ass cheeks apart. I had never felt what I was about to feel, but I can tell you that I will always do whatever I have to do to avoid that feeling again. It was a silver table spoon I felt smacking down hard on my anus with my ass open wide and nothing to in the way to protect the poor thing. She was relentless in her persistence with going at it. I writhed and screamed out in pain, but that just made her more zealous with her pace. When she was finally done, she pushed a very large prostate massager in and out of my throbbing anus in order to milk every last drop of cum out of me. Once the entire ordeal was complete, I was made to provide her with oral sex to bring her off and was sent to a corner to stand for a while while she admired her handy work.

This is why I have only missed my goal on two occasions. To be honest, I would rather starve myself for a week than to deal with Daila’s punishment for not meeting my goal ever again. Luckily, so far it has not taken any rash actions on my part. I have simply been sticking with the program and I am well on my way to my final goal of 190 pounds.

I would recommend this diet to any kinko, spanko, masochist out there that is wanting to loose some serious pounds.

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Views: 192 · Added: 3 days ago

Rob and I have a session coming up in a little over a week. He has decided we are going to tape it. It will be a timed spanking.

Does anyone have any suggestions for making the most out of the video process? Constructive help and assistance welcome!

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Views: 185 · Added: 3 days ago

thought came into my head lol

is it wrong to have the ultimate fantasy spanking whilst being disciplined as well ?

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Views: 183 · Added: 3 days ago

Okay before I go and get myself into trouble by over eating. we all know that I want and need a spanking I just don't want to be giving it to myself. Therefore I am just going to put it all down For all to see. Last week my back went out and I was run/walking for training. the person that I trust with my back had been hinting this last week that I might need to rethink my exercises and my running. Today I asked him exactly what he suggests for me to do. His suggestions are that this will be my last long run. I should not do anything over 5 miles and that if I want to train to compete in something that may be mini triathlons is what I should be focusing on.
So, needless to say I'm not exactly happy today. The only thing I've accomplished by myself for myself is now being taken away. And the fact that I am sitting alone with a thought to eat as much chocolate as I can find in the house is not helpful.

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Views: 162 · Added: 3 days ago

So I just got home from work and lo and behold what do I see?? The toilet seat has been left up again, guess I know what I'll be doing tonight.

Why won't he learn?!

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